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This tutorial aims to make it easy to get the source code of an application, build and install it in your home directory without interfering with your system.

Getting the source code

Make sure to set up git URL renaming properly, so that you can use commands below.

Git Configuration and URL Renaming

You should also configure your git user name and email as mentioned on the git configuration page.

If you don't know the right name, check out to find the right project name.

Let's assume you want to build Parley from KDE Education and found that it's project name is simply parley.

Once you have the project name, create a directory which you will use for development. We'll use /home/username/devel/src for our source code.

mkdir -p ~/devel/src
cd ~/devel/src

And check out the application there:

git clone kde:parley

foo bar

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