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What is svnmerge and why use it?

why use merge tracking why use where is it used? enterprise, kmail-soc etc to keep branches up to date

Installing svnmerge

where to download (other links to tutorials) chmod +x in /usr/local/bin

Initializing merge tracking for a branch init help no need to if already done

Merging Changes

getting available/unmerged revisions svnmerge --avail --log -b -S bla > avail trick (takes a lot of time!) open in text edit

block, merge or merge -M revisions from list merging more than one revision - when and when not to do

edit commit message: SVN_SILENT, small explaination sometimes svn ci -F svnmerge-commit-message

clean dirs

Problems & Solutions

conflicts on . -> svn resolved + use mergediff to confirm (!) problems with korganizer/views problems with kcal in e3->e4

Helpful Scripts

mergediff mymerge