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This section contains information about tools for KDE development.

Debugging and Analysis

A list of tools which are used to analyze a program. This includes debuggers and profilers, for instance.

Valgrind helps to find memory leaks and uninitialized memory blocks. Additional features are a profiler and more. Valgrind is one of the most important development tools!
The GNU Project Debugger (GDB)
GDB helps in debugging source code. As GDB evolved over time it is recommended to use version 6.x. Graphical frontends are available (see below). See also the debugging tutorial Debugging with GDB.
KDbg is a graphical user interface to GDB, which is able to set breakpoints, step through the code etc.

Development Tools

KDevelop is an excellent IDE for developing KDE and Qt C++ applications. It includes a an integrated debugger, a powerful editor with syntax highlighting, a Project wizard to create applications from templates, the automake/autoconf gunk, and even the class documentation. Further details can also be found in the KDevelop wiki.
Qt Designer
With Trolltechs Qt Designer it is easy to layout user interfaces like buttons and checkboxes. Additional features are undo/redo, checking accelerator conflicts etc. Qt Designer allows even non-programmers to help design KDE dialogs. Further details can be found in the tutorial Using Qt Designer and in the Qt documentation.

Internationalisation (i18n) Tools

Information on writing and translating documentation can be found on the i18n project site.

Helper Tools

Get information about KDE's installation - kde-config (port me!)
The tool kde-config helps to find out more about a KDE installation.
Driving Konqueror From Scripts - kfmclient (port me!)
kfmclient is a small tool to communicate with Konqueror.

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