This section contains information about tools for KDE development.


A list of tools which are used to analyze a program. This would include debuggers and profilers, for instance.


A tool for searching memory leaks and/or uninitialized memory. Also includes a profiler. Valgrind is surely one of the most important development tools!

The GNU Project Debugger (GDB)

Sooner or later you may need a debugger. Here is one (probably gdb is already shipped with your distribution). You should use at least version 4.95. There are also grahpical frontends available for gdb (see below). See also the KDE GDB Debugging HOWTO


A graphical user interface to gdb, which is able to set breakpoints, step through the code and so on.

The GNU Profiler (GProf)

GProf is a profiler which is able to display which function takes how much time, how often it is called and so on. There is also a KDE frontend available which takes the same data files as the gprof command does. See below.


KProf is a tool that displays execution profiling generated by various code profilers (among them the GNU Profiler).


This is a superb IDE for developing KDE and Qt C++ applications. It includes a an integrated debugger, a syntax highlighting editor, and of course a 'Project wizard' to handle the creation of the basic menu structures, the automake/autoconf gunk, and even the class documentation.

Qt Designer

The user interface designer that comes with Qt. Supports layout management, undo/redo, checking accelerator conflicts etc. etc. This is a tool that allows even non-programmers to help design dialogs of KDE applications.

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