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* [[Development/Languages/PHP-Qt|PHP]]
* [[Development/Languages/PHP-Qt|PHP]]
* [[Development/Languages/Lqt|Lua]]
* [[Development/Languages/Lqt|Lua]]
* [[Development/Languages/KBasic|KBasic]]
* [[Development/Languages/KBasic|KBasic]] - BASIC language similuar to VB
==Bindings Technologies and Embedding==
==Bindings Technologies and Embedding==

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KDE supports several programming languages for KDE 4 development.

Stable and Mature

Support for these languages is mature, fully maintained and suitable for application development:

In Development

Support for these languages is still in development:

Bindings Technologies and Embedding

  • Smoke - Provides infrastructure which is used for creating bindings for multiple languages such as Ruby, C# and PHP.
  • Kross - Provides embedded scripting for C++ applications. Multiple languages such as Python, Ruby, JavaScript, QtScript, Falcon and Java are supported.
  • QtScript - The QtScript binding generator.
  • SIP - Used to generate the bindings for Python.

Support for Qt3 / KDE3

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