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(Official Documentation)
(Official Documentation)
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==Official Documentation==
==Official Documentation==
* http://git-scm.com/documentation
* http://git-scm.com/documentation
=== RSA Key fingerprint for git.kde.org===
==Git for SVN Users==
==Git for SVN Users==

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This is the hub page for all information about the use of Git by KDE.

This page is a work in progress where all new Git material is being organised. Most of tehse sections will eventually be moved to their own pages. Feel free to add stuff.

Existing Pages

Existing KDE pages about Git, SVN, and/or building KDE that need to be revised. When revising pages try to split the generic development and revision control policies separate from Git specific stuff. Do not refer to "the KDE Git Repository" but instead the "KDE Code Repository". Lots of small simple pages that are less daunting to newbies and can be linked to from multiple locations are preferred to massive walls of text.

On community.kde.org:

On techbase.kde.org:

There are also numerous other pages referring to "the KDE SVN/subversion repositories" which should be replaced with the generic "KDE code repositories".

There are also numerous translated pages which will need to be updated once the original pages are completed.

External Git Resources

Links to useful external sites about Git

Official Documentation

Git for SVN Users


Cheat Sheets

Git Policies

KDE policies on Git. More generic development policies go elsewhere.

Git Configuration

How to set up Git for use in KDE.

Git Recipes

Brief recipes for common use cases.

Git Tutorials

More in-depth instructions in using Git

Content is available under Creative Commons License SA 4.0 unless otherwise noted.