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This file does not exist anymore, use FindRuby.cmake coming with CMake instead. Most variables are the same. Below are the changes:

  • find_package(RUBY) -> find_package(Ruby)


This file does not exist anymore. Instead, starting with CMake 2.8.6, every find_package() call which is not REQUIRED can be disabled by setting the variable CMAKE_DISABLE_FIND_PACKAGE_<PackageName> to TRUE. This makes this macro unnecessary.

  • include(MacroFindPackage) -> delete
  • macro_optional_find_package(Foo ...) -> find_package(Foo ... )


This file has been merged into CMake, but has been renamed to CMakePushCheckState.cmake.

  • include(MacroPushRequiredVars) -> include(CMakePushCheckState)
  • macro_push_required_vars() -> cmake_push_check_state()
  • macro_pop_required_vars() -> cmake_pop_check_state()

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