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(KDE4 Specific CMake Documentation)
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;[[Development/CMake_FAQ|KDE's CMake FAQ]]
;[[Development/CMake_FAQ|KDE's CMake FAQ]]
:''Some Frequently Asked Questions''
:''Some Frequently Asked Questions''
;[[Development/CMake_BuildTypes|KDE's CMake BuildTypes]]
: ''Describes the builtin build types (debugfull, release,...)''
;[[Development/CMake_KDE_4_2 |Changes in the buildsystem with KDE 4.2]]
;[[Development/CMake_KDE_4_2 |Changes in the buildsystem with KDE 4.2]]

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This is the central directory of all CMake-related pages on TechBase.

KDE4 Specific CMake Documentation

CMake tutorial
An introduction to using CMake for KDE4
Some Frequently Asked Questions
KDE's CMake BuildTypes
Describes the builtin build types (debugfull, release,...)
Changes in the buildsystem with KDE 4.2
What has changed in KDE 4.2 compared to KDE 4.0/4.1
Source compatiblity with CMake
This page discusses what has to be taken care of in order to stay source compatible on the CMake level.
Coding style for CMake files
Some guidelines how to write CMake scripts in KDE.
Automoc4 documentation.
KDE CMake modules API
Documentation for all CMake modules in kdelibs (generated from kdelibs svn)
KDE4 CMake macros and variables
Documentation for the macros and variables for building KDE4 software, provided by FindKDE4Internal.cmake (manually written)

More Places to learn about CMake

Here are some good places to learn about CMake in general:

Also, consider joining the CMake mailing list.

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