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Plasma 是在 KDE4 中計劃取代 KDesktop 的新型桌面的名稱。你可以把它視為是SuperKaramba和 KDesktop 的結合,但它不僅是如此。它是一個整合了功能和美學的概念。

它的實現基於自 Qt 4.2 開始引入的 Qt Graphics View 框架

From a developer point of view there are some classes in libplasma who play central roles.

  • Corona: extends QGraphicsScene and provides functionality for adding applets and karamba themes.
  • Widget: extends QGraphicsItem and works as simple elements in the desktop. There are some built-in in libplasma as icons or buttons.
  • Applet: extends Widget and implements sophisticated functionality as rss display, a clock or system monitoring.
  • DataEngine: The common use of a DataEngine is to provide data to an applet for display. This allows a user interface elements to show all sorts of data.

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