Arquitectura da versión 3.x do software de KDE

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Infraestrutura de desenvolvemento

  1. Estrutura das bibliotecas.
  2. Acceso a recursos do sistema.
    1. Recursos estándar.
    2. Carga de iconas.
    3. Caché da configuración do sistema (KSycoca).
  3. Imaxes.
    1. Imaxes de baixo nivel con QPainter.
    2. Imaxes estruturadas con QCanvas.
    3. Imaxes en tres dimensións con OpenGL.
  4. User Interface
    1. Action Pattern
    2. Defining menus and toolbars in XML
    3. Providing online help
  5. Complex Widgets
    1. HTML renderer with JavaScript
    2. File dialog
    3. Displaying large amounts of data - Using QListView, QListBox and QIconView
  6. Components and Services
    1. KDE services
    2. MIME types
    3. Network transparency
  7. Inter Client Communication
    1. Desktop Communication Protocol (DCOP)
  8. Starting Other Programs
  9. il8n and l10n

Desktop Framework

  1. Panel Applets
  2. Control Center Modules

Multimedia Framework

  1. aRts - the current state
  2. Imaging and Animation

Component Architecture

  1. KParts
  2. Docking Into the Panel's System Tray
  3. Java Integration

KOffice Architecture

  1. Document and View Introduction
  2. File Format Filters


  1. Window Management
  2. Session Management
  3. System Tray Docking
  4. Drag-And-Drop
  5. Printing

Development Tools

  1. Interface Documentation Tool (Doxygen)
  2. Integrated Development Environment (KDevelop)
  3. Graphical Debugger (kdbg)
  4. VCS Frontend (Subversion)
  5. Advanced Developer Text Editor (Kate)
  6. Icon Editor (KIconEdit)
  7. Hex Editor

Development HOWTOs

  1. Binary Compatibility Issues With C++