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KDE Architecture - Icon Editor

Another task developers are found to cover frequently is creation of bitmapped resources (icons, button bars, menu icon-tips, other kinds of small graphical enhancements).

KDE provides for this the Icon Editor. On par with the most advanced tools of this category, the K Icon Editor renders the creation of icons a child's game and a pleasure.

Here we have a brief listing of the most important features of KIconEdit:

  • large collection of drawing tools: line, (filled or hollow) rectangle, (filled or hollow) circle and ellipse, spray, fill
  • easy in-place color to grayscale conversion
  • shaped selections
  • almost illimited zooming (in and out)
  • interface-guided configuration
  • simplified creation of template-based icons (like the mimetype ones)
  • real-time preview

If in addition to all this we consider the excellent integration with the rest of KDE (on-spot drag-and-drop of the edited icon, use of KDE's help system, very flexible toolbars and tool palettes), it is easy to imagine the value of this powerful and flexible tool.

KIconEdit is also used as a component for icon editing in KDevelop, the Integrated Development Environment of KDE.

Initial Author: Cristian Tibirna

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