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''Initial Author:'' [mailto:bernd@kdevelop.org Bernd Gehrmann]
''Initial Author:'' [mailto:bernd@kdevelop.org Bernd Gehrmann]

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KDE Architecture - Control center

Control center modules

The KDE control center is a modular application. It acts as a container for "Control center modules". Modules are implemented as dynamically loadable libraries.

In order to write a control center module, inherit the class KCModule from the libkdeui library. This class in turn inherits QWidget. Basically, you only have to reimplement some methods to load and save the configuration of the items that are configured in your module. In order to notify the control center about a new module, it has to install a .desktop file in the directory applnk/Settings in the KDE directory hierarchy.

Further information is available in the KCModule class reference.

Initial Author: Bernd Gehrmann