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The following pages contain documentation about KDE's design and architecture in detail. They do not replace other documentation like API Documentation, tutorials, howtos and standards, see the development portal for further information.

For a better understanding it might help to be familiar with Trolltech's™ excellent Qt 3.3 or Qt 4.2 documentation and their Developer Pages.

Design Documents

KDE 3 Architecture Overview
An overview of the KDE 3 architecture, including discussions of common techniques, library classes, and general development issues. This is for KDE 3.0.
KDE 2 Architecture Overview
An overview of the KDE 2 architecture, similar to the above. This is for KDE 2.2.
Design documents from 1999-2000.
The design of the K desktop environment
This is a presentation I gave at the SIMPLINUX conference in Portugal. It discusses the design of KDE and how it has changed through the different releases. You can browse the slides online, or download them in one go. There is also a text only version (only a couple of the slides are really pictures, the rest are fine as text). You can also see some photos of the presentation. (Design documents from 1999)

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