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This page contains reference information useful for people writing KDE Software. There are plenty of other ways to contribute to KDE: see the Get Involved page on the Community wiki for a list of ideas.

Note that the Community wiki provides a place for KDE developers and other KDE community members to co-ordinate (including meeting notes and to-do lists). This section is for (relatively) stable documentation.

KDE Architecture
Architectural design documents explaining KDE technologies.
Related: API Documentation
Programming Tutorials
Step by step tutorials for KDE development.
Related: Development Tools | FAQs
Programming Languages
Supported programming languages for KDE development.
CMake related information.
Version-control System - Git
Git related information.
Standards & Guidelines
Developer guidelines and technical standards KDE uses.
Related: Code Contribution and Development Policies | Further Information (links, books, blogs, etc.)
Software Engineering Framework
Software Engineering tools and processes used by KDE.
Getting Help
Resources for finding help with KDE development.

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