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Not a coder? See KDE's pages on how to get involved to see other ways you can help. Also see: Bugsquad!



If you want to find out what is currently happening, then there are a number of sources you might like to consider:

Mailing Lists
Probably the best way to find out what's going on in KDE development. Archives are available here
Receive notification of SVN commits in areas that interest you.
KDE Commit-Digest
Weekly summary of SVN commits.
The Dot
The KDE news site.


Getting started at coding for KDE is a matter of finding something to fix, and fixing it. You may want to consult the module overview to help find what you are looking for; once you have fixed something, you will want to send in a patch. If you do that a few times, you may want to apply for an SVN account so you can fix things directly.

At the moment, there are two choices for development within KDE - you can work on KDE3, or KDE4. KDE3 is a good choice for bug fixing, however the main development work effort (and all new features) is on KDE4. This document mainly focuses on work in support of KDE4.


KDE大部分是用C++寫成的。如果你不熟悉C++,你至少需要對它進行一些學習。有一些很好的關於C++的書,其中一本非常出色的教學叫做Bruce Eckel's "Thinking in C++",你可以自由而免費地下載它,同樣你也能將其打印成書面文件。在參與KDE之前,你不需要對它的所有東西都有個透徹的理解,但你至少需要懂得基本的語法和操作。


要想精通KDE程式設計,你應當了解Qt。如果你不熟悉Qt,你工作時應當參考包括Qt Reference Documentation在內的Qt相關指南。

If you are more into multimedia and videos for a start you might want to spend two amazing minutes on watching Building a Simple Help Documentation Browser with Qt4 Designer. If that got your attention you might also want to watch the video introduction Hello Qt by Mark Summerfield which is part of the Trolltech Developer Days 2006 presentations.

If you need a gentler introduction to Qt, or would just like an alternative view, then you may wish to look at the The Independent Qt Tutorial (Currently offline due to book contract).

If you prefer to learn Qt by reading a traditional book, take a look at Trolltechs book page. More suggestions on becoming familiar with Qt4 are available here as well.



你同樣可以在FAQs中找到關於KDE程式設計的有用資訊。 這些資訊對KDE4來說可能同樣是有點過時了,然而其中的許多內容仍在被廣泛地應用著,甚至是在KDE之外。


最後,但絕不是次要的,KDE與大量的類別(Application Programmer Interface,API)文件一起發布。 這些,同樣包括許多關於如何編寫與更新類別文件(the class documentation)的有用鏈接都在KDE API參考手冊中呈現。你同樣能在自己擁有的機器上生成這些,或者使用一個經常更新的在線版本—— The English Breakfast Network




如果你有興趣幫助KDE解決問題,但又不知從何處著手,成為一個KDE品質保障小組(the KDE Quality Team)的一員可能正是你所期望的——更多信息請查看品質保障小組的網站。注意,你不需要任何程式設計技能就可以參與進來。In particular develpers regurarly publish so-called Junior Jobs to encourage new contributions.

當然,你能在不成為KDE品質保障小組成員的情況下參與除錯——只需要在KDE漏洞跟踪系統上創建一個你自己的賬戶,並且開始搜索和整理這些漏洞。 再次強調,你並不必須擁有編程技能——那隻是幫助程式設計師用一貫的手法在程式中複製漏洞而已。


Getting Answers to Your Questions

If your question concerns KDE development, your options are pretty much the same general user ones, with some modifications:

  • Read the Developer FAQ. Many common developer questions have been answered in the KDE Developer FAQ
  • Search/browse KDE websites. A lot of questions can also be answered from the KDE websites, and the documentation included on it. You can search all the KDE websites on the homepage. In addition, you can browse the KDE developer website.
  • Search mailing lists. A lot of questions have already been answered on the KDE mailing lists, particular the lists kde-devel, kde2-porting, kde-core-devel, kde-games-devel, kfm-devel and koffice-devel. You can search these lists either at You should always search for your answer before asking questions on the mailing lists. When you ask a question on a mailing list you are emailing thousands of people -- please do this only if the answer is not available through a simple search.
  • Search engines. Do not forget about your favorite search engine. One of the best search engines is Google. With Google you can also search the great bulk of Usenet news sites, which is also particularly helpful, especially for general programming and gcc-related questions.
  • Ask on KDE mailing lists. If you still do not have an answer, try asking your question on one of the KDE mailing lists listed above.

A full list of KDE mailing lists is available here and here.

Historical Sources

KDE Traffic
Summary of the development mailing lists. KDE Traffic ran for 76 issues, from 10 March 2001 until 16 April 2004. The KDE Commit-Digest (described above) is its logical successor.