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This document gives an overview of the different modules within KDE's SVN repository.


See also list of module coordinators.

Module Name Description Release Example
qt-copy Qt Qt Qt Designer
kdelibs Basic libraries KDE KDE Print System
kdebase Basic programs and utilities KDE Konqueror
kdesupport Support libraries  ? taglib
kdenetwork Network KDE Kopete
kdepim Personal Information Management KDE KMail
kdegraphics Image viewing and manipulation KDE KolourPaint
kdeutils Utilities KDE Okteta
kdeedu Education KDE KStars
kdegames Games KDE KMahjongg
kdeartwork Additional artwork for KDE KDE Screensavers
kdemultimedia Multimedia KDE Kaboodle
kdeaccessibility Tools for disabled people KDE KMouth
kdekiosk KIOSK mode tools KDE
kdebindings Bindings to programming languages KDE Korundum
kdesdk Programming Tools KDE Lokalize
kdetoys Toys KDE kteatime
kdeadmin System Administration KDE KPackage
l10n Translations L10N British English (en_GB)
kdevelop Developing Environment KDE KDevelop
kwebdev Web development KDE Quanta
valgrind Low-level debugger Extra Valgrind
extragear-addons Extra add-on programs Extra kfish
extragear-graphics Extra graphic programs Extra Gwenview
kdeextragear-multimedia Extra mutlimedia programs Extra K3B
kdeextragear-network Extra network programs Extra Konversation
kdeextragear-office Extra office programs Extra Kile
kdeextragear-pim Extra PIM programs Extra KBlueTooth
kdeextragear-security Extra security programs Extra pwmanager
kdeextragear-sysadmin Extra system administration programs Extra kiosktool
kdeextragear-toys Extra toy programs Extra kfortune
kdeextragear-utils Extra utility programs Extra filelight
kdeextragear-libs Extra libraries Extra
koffice KOffice KOffice KWord
khtmltest Test files for KHtml Never
kofficetest Test files for KOffice Never
www Web Sites Web KDE Web Site
kdereview New applications Never knetworkconf
playground-artwork Artwork sandbox Never KPlastik 2
playground-base Basic application sandbox Never KControl
playground-edu Education sandbox Never kgeography
playground-games Game sandbox Never kqf
playground-ioslaves KIO slave sandbox Never kio_sql
playground-multimedia Multimedia sandbox Never kast
playground-network Network sandbox Never ksniffer
playground-pim PIM sandbox Never kickpim
playground-sysadmin System administration sandbox Never ksystemlog
kdeplayground-utils Utility sandbox Never kfeedbackwizard
kde-common Administrative stuff Never Accounts
bugs Files for KDE Bugs Never KDE New Bug Wizard

Release rhythms:

  • Qt: Nokia has its own release cycles for Qt.* KDE: released with KDE (2 per year).* KOffice: released with KOffice (1 per year or even less).* Extra: Each program has its own release cycle.* L10N: the translations are released with the corresponding programs.* Web: web sites are normally synchronized every half-an-hour.* Never: these modules are never released.

Most Basic System

TODO (In short: the most basic system is made of Qt, arts, kdelibs, kdebase. With koffice, it makes a minimal system for working with KOffice. ???Recommended minimal: add kdegraphics and kdepim???


Qt-copy is a convenience to avoid to have to patch the official Qt release. (Note: it is not a fork.) Nevertheless KDE works with official Qt versions and also with Qt snapshots (except major bugs of course). Using snapshots is not recommended for using a stable KDE.


TODO (in short: the KIOSK mode allows to forbid users to change certain settings in KDE.) Further information: KDE System Administration Kiosk Introduction


kdesdk contains tools useful to programmers.


TODO (in short: this is the module contatining the administrative stuff of KDE. kde-common/admin is mapped in all/most modules.)


TODO (in short: these modules are the sandboxes for developers. Programs here might not work.)


TODO (in short: the programs here are too good to be in kdeplayground but not good or stable enough to be in kdeextragear or even in the KDE release itself.)


The kdeextragear modules contains stable applications that are not released with KDE but that have their own release schedule.



TODO: (in short: write protect by default. The www/ might be interesting to download to have the info offline.)

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