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KDE technologies

  • Phonon
    • (In progress) Get someone to review phonon bug reports on BKO; or submit them upstream [sandsmark]
    • More collaboration/connection between KDE and Qt teams about this technology
    • Pulseaudio mess Fixed in latest Phonon
  • Solid
    • (In progress) Solid-bluetooth needs a maintainer [afiestas got the maintainership of kbluetooth]
  • Other
    • libkcddb needs a maintainer

KDE applications


  • Find a maintainer for KFind
    • It needs a rewrite/check of some parts (to not use Process events)
    • Improve UI / Extract to UI file
    • Strigi/Nepomuk integration
  • Find a maintainer for KWikdisk/KDiskFree [sandmark has suggest to replace those apps with filelight]
    • Integrate Solid devices
    • More portable / system-independant code
    • Fixes on the treewidget and model implementation
  • Find a maintainer for KSystraycmd
    • Port to the new systray icon library
  • Find a maintainer for DragonPlayer [eean is the official maintainer, sandsmark is willing to accept bug reports]
  • Find a maintainer for KolourPaint
  • Find a maintainer for KRFB (or remove/replace it) [grundleborg?]
  • Find a maintainer for KInfoCenter?
  • Find maintainers for KCMs
    • System Settings is maintained as of 4.3. Complete rewrite
  • Find a maintainer for KPPP
  • Find a maintainer for KsCD
  • Find a maintainer for Cervisia
  • Find a maintainer for SuperKaramba? (or deprecate it?)
  • Maintainer for KFloppy [replace it using DeviceKit by WindowsUninstall]
  • Maintainer for KDETv
  • General maintainer for kde-bluetooth [afiestas]


  • Plasma fixes
    • Kickoff should not delete all the setting when switching from/to Classical/Kickoff mode
  • Kopete
    • IRC Support
  • Konqueror
    • Search bar plugin assignee
  • Plasmoid resizing issues: --FiNeX 22:34, 11 September 2009 (UTC)

  • KEditBookmarks is very buggy. (it got some fixes lately so it should be more stable, however I still think a person was doing a rewrite...)


  • Clean assignees (ping Nightrose) [Dario_Andres is working on it]
  • Close KDE3 unmaintained crash reports of apps which have a KDE4 version:
    • Kaffeine?
  • Find assigne person/ML for "kde" product
  • Test bug reports and write steps/testcases
  • Check old kde3 bug reports against their Kde4 versions and close/(or move to the proper category if needed)
  • Create a product for kinfocenter with its kcm_modules as components
  • (In progress) Reassign "k3b" to mandriva people too? [there is a new CC for k3b besides trueg]