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== General information ==
* The current testsite is located at http://bugsquad.confuego.org. If you need access, just ping lemma and he might give you.
* You can find the theme/module for the site at http://websvn.kde.org/trunk/playground/www/sites/bugsquad.
== Ideas <b>(no programming)</b> ==
== Ideas <b>(no programming)</b> ==

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This page aims at coordinating the effort for our new website. If you're helping out, please also help keeping this page up-to-date!


General information

Ideas (no programming)

This section contains ideas for what we want to provide on our page.

Status Description Posted by
TODO I know we've already debated this but maybe we could have a members section where every bugsquatter can choose to publish his name/email/photo if he wishes to. Michael Leupold <lemma@confuego.org>
TODO How about some newsfeed so everyone can get important announcements/reminders using their feed reader? Michael Leupold <lemma@confuego.org>

Static content (no programming)

This section contains page content we still have to create. Items in this category will be easiest to pick-up as you don't need any knowledge but how bugsquad works.

Status Description Contact
TODO Write a short teaser what bugsquad is about for the Frontpage ? <?>
TODO Write an elaborate page what bugsquad is about ? <?>
TODO Write a page explaining triage and krush ? <?>
TODO Write a page containing all the means of communication we use (mailinglist, irc, ...) ? <?>

Configuration (know drupal)

This section contains everything related to configuring Drupal.

Status Description Contact
TODO Provide OpenID ? <?>

Theming (know drupal/php)

This section contains tasks related to the Oxygen theme used.

Status Description Contact
TODO Check the template and remove the current defects (some sections currently look strange) ? <?>
TODO Theme the events module to fit the site. ? <?>

Dynamic content (know drupal/php)

This section contains tasks related to the Oxygen theme used.

Status Description Contact
IN PROGRESS Implement a calendar for planning bugdays. Users can assign themselves to those days and specify times when they'll be around. Michael Leupold <lemma@confuego.org>
TODO The calendar should get a signup (including current svn revision and possibly times everyone will be around). Maybe a port of volunteer_timeslot to d6. ? <?>
TODO We'll want a page for every even where we can store the information about what to do and what to take care of. This information should be easy to duplicate so new pages can be setup easily. Maybe this information could be per application. ? <?>
IN PROGRESS I've started syndicating blogs of bugsquadders on the page. If everyone gets his/her categories right we'd have to write announcements only once and would get news on our site as well as on the planet. Working basically. Created a block for the front page that shows the latest 5 syndicated entries. Needs someone to tell me how to make it look good :) Michael Leupold <lemma@confuego.org>

Wiki Templates

Use the following templates to add new items to the tables.

{{:Contribute/Bugsquad/Website/TplInProgress|This is a test feature|lemma@confuego.org|Michael Leupold}}
{{:Contribute/Bugsquad/Website/TplTodo|This is a 2nd test feature|lemma@confuego.org|Michael Leupold}}
{{:Contribute/Bugsquad/Website/TplDone|This is a 3rd test feature|lemma@confuego.org|Michael Leupold}}

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