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====Searching hints====
====Searching Results====
====Searching Hints====
===Adding comments===
===Adding comments===

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Bugzilla is the bug tracking software the KDE community uses to handle the bug reports of their applications.

Our bugtracker is located at https://bugs.kde.org

Main screen of the bugtracker (default style):

Bugzilla guide Intro.png


Common Operations

Get a description of the products and components

You can properly identify each KDE application with its bugzilla product component using this feature: Describe components

Searching bug reports

Simple Search



Advanced Search



Searching Results

Searching Hints

Adding comments

Adding comments to a bug report


Modifying status of a bug report (permissions required)

Modifying some of the fields of a bug report


Customizing your bugzilla account

Configure your bugzilla account look and feel


General Tips

Foo bar

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