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Join us Saturdays on irc in the #kde4-krush channel to work out release critical issues for KDE 4.0. Testers, artists, documenters and programmers are all welcome and encouraged to join in on the fun. Issues that are identified and being worked on will be added to this community scratchpad page.
KDE4 Krush Days

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KDM (?)

  • unlocking the session is impossible as I get "wrong password" (logixoul)
  • enabling and disabling capslock in the "unlock session" dialog doesn't hide the red "Warning: capslock enabled" label (logixoul)


  • share/icons/oxygen/22x22/actions/kscd-dock.png is installed by both kdebase and kdemultimedia (jstubbs)


  • Try opening tab in konsole, closing it, and opening a new one (for me, it freezes for a minute and then displays "QProcess: Destroyed while process is still running.") (tagx)
  • Selecting text in the default color scheme gives black-on-black selections (jstubbs)(confirmed by annma)
  • Wish: Could the links be not clickable as an option? it really goes on the way as it makes copy/paste too difficult when a link is present in the copied text (annma)
  • Wish: could we have the Start New Session little icon back pleaaaaase? (annma)


  • Restoring a deleted item from the trash crashes dolphin/konqueror (mbiebl)
  • The "Desktop" and "Root" icons in dolphin have a completely different style than the usual folder icon. (mbiebl)
  • Dolphin has no proper icon in taskbar/window decoration. (mbiebl)
    • patch written and sent. (logixoul)
  • Select icon in folder/file properties doesn't show the icons of the selected categories at first. Only after changing the combobox the icons are loaded. (bbroeksema)
  • Edit Locations (F6) doesn't work as expected. Currently it only focuses the location bar if it's in navigation mode, otherwise it doesn't do anything. (Mogger)


  • Can't get any sound to work. Chosen backend is xine. Tried to play an mp3 in juk. juk says its playing, but I get no sound. (mbiebl)


  • Missing icons for "Appearance" and "Desktop" in systemsettings. (mbiebl)
  • Visual glitches in Oxygen: tabs in konqui, progressbar in dolphin. (mbiebl)
  • konsole, Oxygen: the arrows of the right scrollbar are not visible (black on black). (mbiebl)
  • Chanel icons in KMix could use some Oxygenification (JLP)


  • Unable to resize the kickoff menu. (mbiebl)
  • The taskbar doesn't remember the position of the clock plasmoid. (mbiebl)
  • Kickoff opens konqueror when clicking on an entry under "My Computer". (mbiebl)
  • The network plasmoid does not automatically selet the active network connection (It uses eth0 by default, but I use wlan0 mostly) (mbiebl)
  • In kickoff, clicking the utilities menu and then clicking back again shows the top menu scrolled to the top rather than where it was before clicking utilities. (jstubbs)
  • systemtray: starting one juk instance shows two identical icons in the systray.
  • with the plasma toolbox, clicking "add widgets" but releasing the mouse button elsewhere still activates it. (jstubbs)
  • hovering the plasma toolbox for the first time after cleaning config makes buttons slide in from TOP-LEFT rather than TOP-RIGHT. Every subsequent hovering works correctly. (logixoul)
  • can't move panel plasmoids. (logixoul)
  • can't put pager or systray on panel. (logixoul)
  • systray on desktop has no border. (logixoul)
  • MinimizeAnimation doesn't animates correctly to the taskbar, with Kicker it works fine (Plasma should tell KWin where the taskbar-entry is) (boom1992)

System Settings

  • systemsettings has no menu entry. Typing it into kickoffs search entry doesn't find/list it either. (mbiebl)


  • m_qcb->blockSignals( true ); where m_qcb is null from MDWSlider::updateInternal during kmix startup (jstubbs) - Fixed by SVN commit 732246
  • Right click on KMix icon in system tray, select master channel, dialog comes up empty, when you close it KMix icon disappears from the tray (JLP)


  • Windows are not fully redrawn when minimizing and then restoring with OpenGL compositing in use (jstubbs)
  • the compositing KCM should provide an easy way to enable the COMPOSITE extension (logixoul)
  • Menu shadows are being left on the desktop (but not on windows, it seems) (Mogger) - Fixed by SVN commit 732268


  • KNS uses 100% CPU when 550 is enabled in kdebugdialog (jstubbs)
  • Sometimes KNS dialog is under Settings dialog (Kanagram and KStars) modal/non-modal issue when KNS is invoked from a Config dialog (jstubbs)


  • After typing an already typed letter, the focus is left on the guess "button", which means I have to press tab to get back to the letter entry field. If we enable the focus back before tooltip is hidden, it means the tooltip has to be hidden when a new letter is entered. (jstubbs)
  • See if the font progressbar can disappear after first run (jstubbs)
  • Test what happens for the fonts when no internet connection (jstubbs)
  • Wish: when using the Special chars toolbar, letters should go immediatly in the word or in Missed. Annma is not sure this would work with kids, they maybe won't understand what happens. (jstubbs)
  • Language combo in toolbar does not resize correctly when whanging language. (jstubbs)
  • Right-clicking "Type accented letters" does not offer the context sensitive help when the option is disabled. (jstubbs)


  • Searching for "one" takes a long time to process, during which the application blocks without any feedback. (jstubbs)
  • From the Search menu, selecting Search {with Beginning of Word, Anywhere}, Grade or Strokes does not seem to have any affect (jstubbs)
  • Selecting Verb or Noun from the grammatical element dropdown does not seem to have any affect (jstubbs)


  • In fraction tasks, the denominators used sometimes exceed the max denominator that is set. (jstubbs)


  • When starting a new set of tests, and on various other actions, the window unnecessarily moves to the centre of the screen (jstubbs)


  • Intermittent crash after a placing state on a map (jstubbs)
  • Selecting zoom when placing state on a map leaves the cursor as the state to be placed - perhaps the cursor should change back to a pointer while in zoom mode? (jstubbs)
  • With KWin's dimming of inactive windows, it is difficult to relate the colors signfying right/wrong answers back to the map (jstubbs)


  • Creating a new Imap Account and press "Check what the Server Supports" in Security crashes KMail. Stacktrace / ConsoleLog at (voltaire)

Build issue

  • in kdebase when OpenGL is not found, cmake stops with

"CMake Error: This project requires some variables to be set, and cmake can not find them. Please set the following variables: OPENGL_gl_LIBRARY (ADVANCED)"so there is a bad check somewhere in kdebase (annma, issue of frank95com,

Possible patch: (annma) Other possible patch by ThomasZ:


  • The direction and velocity marker flickers and often cannot be seen. Using opengl compositing. (jstubbs)


  • The tab order of the configure shortcuts dialog is incorrect. (Mogger)
  • Drag and drop doesn't work in the configure toolbars dialog. (Mogger)
  • Applications crash when downloading something. Traceback from Konsole when clicking on a link: (Mogger)


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