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* Panel is half hidden on certain xinerama setups. http://images.smileaf.org/img:b1abe8ded856571ed771c105c977dc8d.png (smileaf)
* Panel is half hidden on certain xinerama setups. http://images.smileaf.org/img:b1abe8ded856571ed771c105c977dc8d.png (smileaf)
* Plasma crashes when clicking on a taskbar element while the window info popup is being displayed. (lucianolev, using Kde4Daily)

Revision as of 23:13, 24 December 2007

Join us Saturdays on irc in the #kde4-krush channel to work out release critical issues for KDE 4.0. Testers, artists, documenters and programmers are all welcome and encouraged to join in on the fun. Issues that are identified and being worked on will be added to this community scratchpad page.
KDE4 Krush Days
* Please attach you nickname in irc when you add a bug to this page.
  • Move fixed bugs to KrushDaysFixed and mention the revision number(s) of this fix.
  • Please use <span class="bsBugLink bsError bsError-NoConnection">{{bug|xxxxx}}</span> to give links to bugs.
  • Do not report wishes here, use bugs.kde.org.

Do not use http://rafb.net/paste/ for your crash backtraces, because those paste URLs there will expire after 24 hours.

Please use http://pastebin.ca/ for crash backtraces and add a link to your paste when you add the crash to the list below.

A backtrace is generally very helpful for developers to identify the reason for the crash. To get good backtraces, read this article.

Crash Backtraces


Build issues


General things

  • The 'Do you really want to activate "Slow keys"?' dialog is not obvious. You have a combobox down there where you can deactivate all accessx features & gestures, but it's a bit unclear should I press yes or no to deactivate the features... (teprrr)


  • There is no magnification shown but some garbage fractal-like patterns (Icwiener 03:34, 10 November 2007 (CET))


Screen Locker (krunner_lock)


  • When clicking "options" on the krunner dialog (the alt-f2 dialog), all of the text is invisible (black on black I'm assuming). (level1)
    • Opened a bug report with a patch: bug #154457 (azuriel)


  • With compositing enabled, a 100% transparent background at is always black. KWin bug? (jstubbs) (confirmed by annma) (confirmed by TunaTom)
    • Yes, the ARGB visual code is disabled in Konsole. Because ARGB and QWidget::scroll don't like each other. Here's a patch I'm using to enable ARGB and work around the bug QWidget::scroll hits: http://pastebin.ca/794952 (Vir)
  • With compositing enabled, the selection foreground is the configured background color with no transparency and the selection background is the configured foreground with configured background transparency. Transparancy should switch with the colors or be disabled altogether for selections. (jstubbs)
  • None of the Top-Level Alt+<letter> menu shortcuts work when the terminal has focus. When a menu is opened, the shortcuts inside work. (TunaTom)
    • I can confirm it (FiNeX)
  • Wish: can the New Tab icon be back?
    • Please add your nick if you want it back! (annma, SSJ_GZ, frank95com, Tyl3r, yuriy, yojoe, winterz, FiNeX, tmcguire, JohnFlux, csh, gmartyn, eliasp)
    • Add your nick here if you don't want it because it's wasting precious space for the tabs (and if you think that double clicking the empty space, shortcut and menu are enough options). (Vir, mutlu_inek)
    • How about let the user decide by him/herself. (Carutsu)
  • Wish: Make a right-clickable context menu so that tabs can be closed other than by shortcut or the main menu. (mutlu_inek)
  • Clicking on a split URL will cut off everything after the split(SSJ_GZ). See
    • Confirmed by mutlu_inek (rev. 743425 and 745228) Fixed in revision 751696 (mutlu_inek)
      • However, not all of the link will be underlined. mutlu_inek (rev. 751696)
  • If you delselect the "show menu bar in new windows" option from the "edit profile" dialog and you click "Apply" (or "ok") the menubar will be hidden even in the current konsole window. The result is the opposite in the contrary situation (you have the menubar not visible and you select "show menu bar..."). When you hide the menubar in this way, the popup menu with the right click doesn't show the menuitem for show the menubar. If you hide the menubar with the option on the menu (EDIT->HIDE MENU BAR), the popup will have the option "SHOW MENU BAR". See bug #152253 (FiNeX)
  • When copying several lines of text and pasteing into another application, all newlines in the copied text are missing (jstubbs)
    • Works fine for me (mutlu_inek (rev. 743425))
  • When several tabs are open and I attempt to close the app, it offers me to close the app altogether or just the active tab. Selecting "Close Current Tab" sometimes closes the current tab and sometimes crashes Konsole. (mutlu_inek, rev. 743425 and 745228)
  • If i launch a shell script with an application cli(for example vdr) all new konsole session launched start vdr,this happen only if shell script is launched from plasma desktop (Meskalamdug)


  • The "Desktop" and "Root" icons in dolphin have a completely different style than the usual folder icon. (mbiebl) (can't reproduce with r745359 at kdebase [ereslibre])
  • Select icon in folder/file properties doesn't show the icons of the selected categories at first. Only after changing the combobox the icons are loaded. (bbroeksema)(I can confirmed that [TunaTom r732119])
  • "Empty Trash" does not show up in the file menu when viewing the trash (yuriy)
    • Application menus should never be changed dynamically. So an option would be showing "Empty Trash" always. From my point of view using the context menu is enough (at least I'm not aware about any file manager that has "Empty Trash" as part of the file-menu). For further discussions please mail me directly (peter.penz@gmx.at) or just use the kfm-devel mailing list. Thanks! (Peter Penz)
    • How about showing a colored bar on the top of the filelist with button "empty trash", like OS X has? Imho it would make it clearer that you're in a special folder and it'd make it easier to empty your trash from there. (teprrr)
    • May just be me but I don't see the point of a move to trash entry when I'm in the trash. I don't see why that can't be changed to Remove Item. And if we are then going to change we might as well have a Empty trash option underneath it :) (DaSkreech)
  • Several of the F1-F11 do not show up in the "Configure Shortcuts" dialog (e.g. F4) (gissi)
  • Inconsistency (IMHO): F4 in dolphin behaves different than in Konqueror (terminal panel vs. terminal in new window) (gissi)
    • I've moved this entry to the Konqi-issue-list, as the Konqi behavior should be fixed (Peter Penz)
  • It can only configure mimetype associations individually via properties on a file, and later clicking on a small settings button. To configure mimetypes globally, and not file related, it has to be done with Konqueror settings, as there is no such entry in SystemSettings. IMHO Dolphin or SystemSettings should also get the Konqueror's File association settings panel. (q3xr2).
    • I Completely agree! This settings should be accesible even from the systemsettings! (FiNeX)
    • bug #151781 -- pino
  • Dolphin don't exec the shell scripts,of course syntax is good and those scripts has correct perms,double click and open scripts with kwrite instead of exec it.(Meskalamdug)
  • Dolphin don't open the asc files,kgpg "small icon" appear but kpgp don't run for ask pass and decrypt the file,same thing on konqueror (Meskalamdug)
  • Dolphin does not show (unless you manually refresh the view) changes to a files:

- Modification time
- Permissions
- Size (e.g. when watching a folder where a file is being downloaded)
(and obviously, neither does Konqueror), leading to stale information being presented as current. This is a feature that used to work way back in KDE3.3. I think we have all the infrastructure now, so it would be nice to see this regression fixed for KDE4 :)

  • Cannot edit Volume names in "Places" sidebar in Dolphin, while it's possible for folders. (Tyl3r)
  • When you rename any file or directory to something _really_ long (I tested with >70 letters), dolphin behaves weird directly after renaming. When you leave and re-enter the directory in which the file/directory is, it is painted correctly. (gissi, confirmed by jstubbs and teprrr)
    • Works fine for me. (mutlu_inek, rev. 743425) I think this is a very old bug. If you still have it, please undo the strikethrough format. mutlu_inek (rev. 751696)
  • Trash icon should change between trash is empty or full, so we know if the trash folder have some file or not inside it. (teddy)
  • In konqueror 3.5.x you can navigate files using the keyboard arrows. In dolphin you can do it too, but when you reach the last icon of a row, pressing "right" button doesn't select the first icon of the next row instead. In konqueror you can do it (in the 3.5.x). See bug #152985 (FiNeX)
  • File names in Dolphin don't use the global KDE colour settings and can be hard to read. Upon further testing I found that the right colour was used after Dolphin re-starts. Still I don't see why everything else in Dolphin changes immediately according to colour changes and not the file names. (open_) (has been fixed [ereslibre]) (image removed to save space as the description is detailed enough [open_])


Critical issues:

  • can't move panel plasmoids. (logixoul)
  • MinimizeAnimation doesn't animates correctly to the taskbar, with Kicker it works fine (Plasma should tell KWin where the taskbar-entry is) (boom1992) Fixed. (mutlu_inek, rev. 746964)
  • Colorpicker and Kickoff plasmoid don't have context menu, so they can't be removed. (TunaTom)
    • context menus are going to be replaced by hover-action-icons (ivan)
      • It's very anoying (and ugly), that the hover-action-icons show up whenever you hover a plasmoid, they should only show up when a button is hold too, e.g. ALT (yojoe)
        • Right-click on the desktop and select "lock widgets" so you won't have this problem anymore (Tyl3r)
    • Lancelot now has context menu and is (re)movable (emilsedgh) patch already being reviewed on panel-devel
  • If you move the mouse too quickly over a large plasmoid, it happens that the plasmoid doesn't receive or process the mouse-out event, which causes the hover-options frame + buttons to stay there for ever. Unless you hover the plasmoid again, wait some seconds and move the mouse pointer off the plasmoid. (yojoe)
    • I can confirm this. (mutlu_inek, rev. 743425 and 745228)
  • The date format is not affected by the settings in KControl.<JRT>
  • Configuration dialogs do not appear on the current desktop, they only do in the desktop where plasma has been started on. (ruphy)
  • When selecting a background image the file dialog blocks all of plasma (fregl)
    • I can confirm this. This includes even plasma applets on the panel. (mutlu_inek, rev. 743425)
  • When one drags a file/folder from dolphin to the desktop, and tries to resize it _a lot_, the plasmoid disappears.
    • It seems to work fine for me. Maybe you dropped the plasmoid off the screen? (mutlu_inek, rev. 743425) I simply can't reproduce this. (mutlu_inek, rev. 746964)
  • Plasma crash when dragging a file icon onto the desktop. First time this happened the background and KickOff disappeared. I deleted the .kde4/config/plasma* files and caused the same crash, but second time the background and KickOff survived. Backtrace from crash - http://www.pastebin.ca/797047 (open_)
  • Plasma crash upon closing 3D Earth Model (with no direct rendering) backtrace: http://pastebin.ca/797306 (scroll down for crash handle info) (kakalto)
    • Another plasma crash upon closing the 3D Earth Model, or rather closing the widget that told me I didn't have the necessary OpenGL shaders. I had rotated the widget before closing it. Backtrace: http://pastebin.ca/799330 (open_)
  • Plasma crashed and didn't return when trying to close the Lancelot applet. Also the Lancelot applet wasn't wide enough when it appeared to show the whole applet's contents. Unfortunately there was no crash dialog window for a backtrace. (open_)
    • I can confirm this. Plasma crashes and leaves me in a white, empty and unusable screen. (mutlu_inek, rev. 743425)
  • Sometime the digital clock in the panel disappear but it reappear when i move the mouse over it



  • The network plasmoid does not automatically select the active network connection (It uses eth0 by default, but I use wlan0 mostly) (mbiebl)
    • A list of physical devices (Solid?) would be nice here, but it should be also possible to select a userdefined virtual interface (like tunnel devices). (eliasp)
    • Even when I change the device to eth1 manually (eth1 is my net interface), it reports "not connected" after applying (kakalto)
    • It simply does not work for me at all. I use eth0 (and it is correctly set to it), but it reports "disconnected". (mutlu_inek, rev. 743425)
        • It works for me if I use the new Intel wireless iwl3945 driver. This driver assigns a wlan0 interface. If I use the old ipw3945 driver, then I get either eth0 or eth1 as my wireless interface and the plasmoid does not work at all. (mutlu_inek, rev. 745228 and 746964)
          • Still doesn't work here (eliasp, rev. 746127)
  • The Lock/Logout Widget has rectangular buttons -- should have square? IAC, icons should be centered on buttons. <JRT>
  • notes applet should be resized when the text is bigger that current size (emilsedgh)
  • Further to the above: the "Note size" configuration option for notes appears to be non-functional.
  • The dictionary plasmoid doesn't show the results. (Mogger)
    • Looks like fixed in r732655, shows the result, but first changes the box with animation, then changes the result text, also its a bit slow (emilsedgh)
      • The plasmoid works really well for me. emilsedgh, are you sure it is not a network connection issue for you? Everything in reasonably quick here. (mutlu_inek, rev. 743425)
        • My connection is slow.this is why this looked slow to me.but the problem is still there, when i hit enter, the animation executes, but after a few seconds the text inside it gets changes
  • Is there a way to reset the orientation of a plasma applet I have rotated? Would be nice if you could rotate an applet in predefined steps (e.g. 45°) by holding a key (e.g. Shift) like it is common in graphic editing applications. (yojoe)
  • It should not be possible to move plasma applets off the screen. There's no way to ever get them back! This might result in active applets consuming resources, the user is not aware off, because they were moved off-screen by accident. (yojoe)
    • I second this. Alternatively, they could be at least accessible via a list or smth. (mutlu_inek) This is resolved by Chani. The "Add Widget" dialog now shows running plasmoids which can be summoned back to the center of the screen. :) (mutlu_inek, rev. 746964)
  • The "Widgets I Have Used Before" filter does not work (in the Add Widget dialog box). (yojoe)

*Weather applet, configure --> search for auckland, comes up with empty "found places" dialogue for BBC weather service. Other weather services come up with "the place auckland is not valid. The data source is not able to find this place" (kakalto) You should see two places for Auckland now. The other behavour is not a bug. he other data sources do not know about Auckland :-) (spstarr)

  • Some widgets are duplicated(i see two svg analogic clocks) (Meskalamdug)

Glitches in playground:

  • Welcome to KDE widget causes graphical glitches [1] and crashes plasma when removed[2] with kDebug output "Plasma::LayoutItem::setLayout: layout removed from under us. expect crashes". (All other widgets behave normally)
  • When an app has a show/hide tray icon (like Amarok, KMix etc.) and their window is not-maximized, each time you hide/show the app by clicking the tray icon, it's window is drawn about 20px lower, this stops when the panel finally gets in it's way. (dkarlovi)
  • If you right click on a task in the taskbar, there is a paint issue if you hover over "Advanced" or "To Desktop".
    • Can't see that here. Seems to be fixed. Can someone confirm? (amp)
  • In the Taskbar, the window icons for many non-KDE apps such as YaST, acroread are corrupted.
  • Hardware info plasmoid shouldn't use lspci to get GPU info as this is located in /usr/sbin on some systems. (smileaf)


  • Analog Clock: add text & seconds indicator. Change size to 400. Is so SLOW that it easily skips 3 seconds per redraw! (Core2 Duo 2.20GHz, Quadro FX 570M, nvidia binary drivers, Thinkpad T61p) (BCoppens)
    • is this the equivalent of "it hurts when i do this, doctor?" ;)
  • Time Zone list should be redundant in configuration since the TZ should be set in KControl. All that is needed is an option to display it. Note, I think that this is the standard timezone list. If what is wanted is an option to display a TZ other than the user's TZ, this should be a separate context menu item. <JRT>
    • of course you need a list of timezones what if you want to show timezones other than the one you are in or extra ones set elsewhere in kde?
    • What about UTC+ and UTC- Regions avaliable in the timezones to pick from, i hate to search for a "close" city if I know perfectly what UTC zone I want.
    • Why not adding a 'quick filter' line to the TZ select dialog like it's available in the dialog for adding plasma applets. Would make it much more faster and easier finding the needed city/location. (eliasp)
  • When I logout of a KDE4 session and relogin again, all plasmoids I had ever added are instantiated again, even the ones that I closed in the previous session. (yojoe)
  • When I logout and relogin to a KDE4 session my plasmoids are not scaled and rotated like I left them in the previous session. (yojoe)
  • If i change the plasmoid size as soon as i leave the plasmoid area the size gets back to its "normal" size, and the position change dramatically (I can't really say how the position change). (Carutsu)
  • The 'Disk Monitor' applet seems to have some serious problems retrieving the free disk space. Isn't it possible retrieving the free disk space from solid (eliasp)?


    • On mine I have a partition with an unknown name and 16,777,216,0TiB All other partitions have the correct size. (smileaf)
  • When the Fifteen Puzzle is resized the pieces inside remain the same size and the puzzle itself remains it's original size inside the larger widget rendering resizing pointless (open_)
  • The settings buttions: Add Widget, Zoom in, Zoom out.. is too willing to hide. If you put your cursor between the buttons, it'll go to hide, then open up over and over and over... (smileaf)

Plasma - Kickoff 'Start Menu'

  • leave -> logout opens a dialog with several options, instead of logging out or asking for confirmation - (bug #152486) (fred)
    • You can change this behaviour in systemsettings. Should be default in 4.0 (amp)
  • Unable to resize the kickoff menu. (mbiebl)
    • I confirm it. (FiNeX)
  • Kickoff opens konqueror when clicking on an entry under "My Computer". (mbiebl)
    • Seems to be fixed... Can anyone confirm that, please? (r 735451). (frank95com)
      • confirmed. (r 740861) (kakalto)
      • I still get konqueror open when clicked storage device under "My Computer", building KDE from SVN November 28.
        • I still get konqueror, too. (mutlu_inek, rev. 743425 and 745228)
  • When opened by clicking on a link in "Storage" for example, Konqueror shows the contents of "/" in an unnamed tab. Right of that tab is another one showing the correct location. If you click that tab, konqeuror crashes. (goliath23)
  • Kickoff: Clicking the applications tab, when the tab is open should return it to top-level.Current catalog-memory is a good feature however, so keep that aswell. (eirik_)
  • Kickoff crash plasma desktop after open application/desktop(Meskalamdug)
    • If this is referring to the crash upon opening utilities->desktop, it is a qt bug which has been fixed in qt-copy and presumably upstream as well (jstubbs)
      • No problems with new qt-4.3.3 (Meskalamdug)
  • German umlauts ("Ü" and such) are not properly displayed in menu items if they occour at the beginning of a word. This is the case in Development->Translation (Entwicklung->Übersetzung) which is "Ubersetzung" then. If the menu item is chosen, the title of the next page is correctly written as "Übersetzung" but the menu items again are "Ubersetzungswerkzeug" and such. bug #153995 (Icwiener 13:51, 17 November 2007 (CET))
  • Plasma crash when clicking on a recently used item from kickoff - attached backtrace here: http://pastey.net/77802 (null__)
  • Switch user from kickoff exec "launch application" (Meskalamdug)
    • Confirmed (kakalto)
    • Confirmed (mikkoc)
  • Handling of storage devices needs some loving:
    • When clicking on an unmounted storage device, nothing happens (eliasp)
    • When right-clicking -> eject on a device that is mounted by another user nothing happens - KDE3.5/Dolphin4 displays at least the HAL error message about being unable to umount it due to missing privileges. (eliasp)
    • The bars representing the disk usage should have a little more space on the right side. They currently seem to be cropped: kick-off-storage-devices.png (eliasp)
  • When scrolling, the category name should stay on top instead of scrolling together with the content:

plasma-kickoff-category-name.png (eliasp)

  • The Kickoff button does a hover animation the first time I hover it, but then the new picture stays. (amp)
    • Not reproducible any more. (amp)
  • I had an issue where the menu would always switch to the Leave section almost immediately after my mouse rolled over any of the other icons for different sections. When I logged back in it was back to normal (open_)
  • Kickoff : clicking "LEAVE" tab -> Shutdown and restart menu item no have icons (teddy_)

System Settings

  • Missing "get root rights" button on pages like Date/Time, thus its impossible to change such settings (apaku) (#151669)
    • Confirmed by FiNeX, Tyl3r and mutlu_inek (rev. 743425 and 745228)
  • no settings to be changed for keyboard shortcuts - everything is empty (nixternal, mactalla) (#135282) Fixed. (mutlu_inek, rev. 752265)
  • When clicking e.g. "Appearance", the System Settings window doesn't get resized. This causes very ugly (horizontal and vertical) scrollbars (gissi) (#153283)
    • Layouts are awful in general, Regional & Language for example is unusable. (annma) Improved Language tab svn r738336 (annma) This is much better now and going to be polished a bit more thanks to Aurelien. (mutlu_inek, rev. 752265)
  • Default size for the text beneath the icons is too small. I see stuff like 'ppearanc' instead of 'Appearance' and 'ccesibilit'. Some other texts are wide enough, like 'Splash Screen'. (BCoppens) (#153285) Fixed. (mutlu_inek, rev. 752265)
  • Changing the style to Oxygen changes all windows, EXCEPT the System Settings (BCoppens) (seems to be every other style change takes effect: #135287)
    • I have the oxygen style also in systemsettings. Try to check again, please. (frank95com)
      • Hmmm, now that the default style is oxygen and I try to switch to good old plastik, I have the same issue: everything switches to plastik except the system settings. Strange (BCoppens)
      • I can confirm it: when you change the style and click to "apply" the style is not applied to the system settings window. (FiNeX)
  • systemsettings has no menu - there is no way (for normal users) to start the help for it. (fregl)
  • The systemsettings toolbar can be hidden but there is no way to get it back. (fregl) (#151667)
  • I don't find where to set the default Spelling dictionary (annma)
  • Need a real fix for http://websvn.kde.org/trunk/.../kcmultiwidget.cpp?r1=709212&r2=737094 which is only a workaround. Uncomment the Q_ASSERT to see the problem.
  • The string on the "Accessibility" Info tab is too long. It cause the window be too wide. (FiNeX)
  • The "Search" LineEdit is malplaced if the toolbar is moved to the sides.
  • Every time i log in,kde create in $HOME/.kde4/share/config a gtkrc-2.0 file wich overwrite my gtk settings(colors,theme),text file said " If you do not want KDE to override your GTK settings, select Appearance & Themes -> Colors in the Control Center and disable the checkbox "Apply colors to non-KDE applications" ".But this checkbox is already disabled. (Meskalamdug)
  • If you click on Notifications and then System Notifications there will be no events listed within the table, though the event source is Kopete leading a user to believe that Kopete has no events. If you click on the drop down Event source list and click on Kopete the events will be shown. Either start with a 'None' event source option or list the sources of the application when System Notifications is clicked. I prefer the None option as it will load faster and chances of a user editing the event sources of the first application in the list are slim (open_)
    • Fixed in System Settings (r746614 by me), cannot reproduce with Kopete. -- pino 18:21, 9 December 2007 (CET); Yes, this is fixed. (mutlu_inek, rev. 752265)
  • Regional & Language doesn't use kde color scheme



  • KWin tryes to activate compositioning on my VIA card, and thus, freezes everything , no backtrace since everything hangs. (tomaz)
  • Windows are not fully redrawn when minimizing and then restoring with OpenGL compositing in use (jstubbs)
    • I've rebuilt with qt-copy and left a week between testing, but this seems partially fixed? my only issue now is that the last frame drawn is sometimes a transitional frame, when either minimizing or restoring. iow, the window is shown smaller than it really is upon restoring (until a paint is forced) and it is also sometimes still visible when minimizing (again, until a paint is forced) (jstubbs)
  • the compositing KCM should provide an easy way to enable the COMPOSITE extension (logixoul)
  • Sometimes (tested with Konsole, X.org 7.3, latest nvidia drivers and a Geforce 5900XT), the clicked menus are not displayed and KWin crashes. Backtrace : [3] (idem)
    • Backtrace is not there anymore. rafb removes pastes after some time. Please ude pastebin.ca (Icwiener 03:42, 10 November 2007 (CET))
  • After a while the alt-tab window list is completely missing though I can still switch between windows with alt+tab (apaku)
  • alt+tab only allows to switch between windows on the same screen in a multihead setup, its impossible to activate a window on another screen (though its on the same virtual X11 desktop) (apaku)
  • KWin does not detect compositing ability on my pc with a GeForce 7600 GS (driver version 100.14.19) (goliath23)
    • Are you sure your KWin has compositing support compiled in? Desktop effects kcm now shows the reason why compositing cannot be enabled, please check this (rivo)
  • 'Scale In' effect also scales in Menus and Dropdown boxes from the 'middle' of their target area, this is ugly. Either don't do that for such windows, or let them scale in from their topleft corner (BCoppens)
  • Alt+Shift+Tab for backwards scrolling through Alt+Tab shortcut is not assigned, but I can't remember if this was the case in KDE3 as well or not... (BCoppens)
    • Now when I click Alt+Shit+Tab my keyboard doesn't respond anymore and I don't know how to get it back, the only solution is to logout with the mouse , which still works. (q3xr2)
  • Moving windows with "Display Content" turned off does not display an empty frame. (using an OpenSource driver)<JRT>
  • Alt+Tab crashes KWin here, when pressed too fast several times in a row. Backtrace: http://pastebin.ca/767870 (Icwiener 03:42, 10 November 2007 (CET))
  • Composite effects make video playback really slow(Meskalamdug)
    • Maybe you should use vo=gl in your settings. I use it in my /etc/mplayer/mplayer.conf and it works fine. (amp)
      • Using vo=gl..same thing,is slow (Meskalamdug)
  • When switching between users (alt+f7 and alt+f8) the entire screen in black until I force a redraw by clicking somewhere (jstubbs)
  • KWin 'locks up' when trying to create a screenshot using ALT+Print. Now you're not able anymore clicking things - the only thing you can do now is moving windows around. It's like ALT is constantly pushed. The only way to get rid of this is restarting X (CTRL+ALT+Backspace is due to the lock-up not possible). You can only click things when first pushing RMB, keeping it pushed, then LMB too. While keeping RMB down, you're able to click things. Now you can quit the session using Logout from the Kickoff menu. (eliasp).
    • Confirmed here. (q3xr2)
    • Confirmed by me, too. However, the problem is slightly less serious for me since I can still open apps from kickoff, close apps and even log out. But I cannot use the keyboard, any menus or click any buttons. (mutlu_inek, rev. 743425 and 745228)
  • kwin does not maximize windows corretly on my MacBook (intel xorg driver). See https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=335530 for more information. xrandr output is at http://pastebin.ca/796053. _fm_
  • If composite is activated when you first load a menu it's first displayed as an untuned TV, i mean the picture gets all messed up, then it gets normal, that happens only the first time, the image is cached later (i guess) and doesn't happen if you reopen it. I have an Intel chipset so that shouldn't be the problem. (Carutsu)
  • Show the windows (ctrl+f10) then writte something, the icons on the lower right corner of the window gets blank. (Carutsu)
    • Fixed in revision 749354. (Carutsu)
  • 'Show Windows'/'Expose' should never scale windows bigger as the actually are. Makes them looking blurry and ugly. (eliasp)
  • After changing the cursor theme the cursor shape may be wrong when resizing by dragging the corners. bug #153683 (alecs1_)
  • The Blur compositing plugin causes the screen to go black except for a observable(and moveable) mouse on a ATI Xpress1100 with the 7.11 (AIGLX) drivers . (nosrednaekim)
    • The Blur compositing plugin works for me, but causes artifacts when for example switching between desktops (NVidia 7600 with proprietary driver x11-video-nvidia-1.0.9631-0.1) (shaga)
  • Windows can start hidden in certain xinerama setups. example: smaller left screen and positioned lower than the right. (smileaf)
  • Windows don't maximize to 1 screen on xinerama setups. (smileaf)


  • Autocomplete in Konqueror forms doesn't allow to type words starting with the same letter of a previous entry. Example: if you search the word "wall" on google and then you try to search for "wireless" it doesn't work. (Tyl3r)(confirmed jpwhiting, jakub)
    • Confirmed by me, too. When Konqueror displays the autocomplete hint, I cannot enter or delete more than one character. (mutlu_inek, rev. 743425)
      • You have to click again at the input field for each of the following characters until there are no more autocomplete suggestions. It seems the focus is changing to the autocompletion suggestions as soon as you type something. (eliasp) This has been resolved. (mutlu_inek, rev. 747385)
  • Website http://kriptopolis.org it is really bad rendered, however it is fine with Konqueror 3.5.7. (q3xr2)
    • Confirmed by me. (mutlu_inek, rev. 743425) Works now. (mutlu_inek, rev. 746963)
  • After changing the arrangement of the address bar while several tabs are open, switching to another tab deletes the changes or messes up konqueror so that it needs to be restarted. (r743536)(glenner) and (mutlu_inek, rev. 743425)
  • Nothing in View -> Sort By, Additional Information, Panels, Navigation Bar submenus (yuriy)
    • Confirmed here(SSJ_GZ).
    • Confirmed here for the former, but no panels, navigation bar submenus (kakalto)
  • Nothing except "home folder" in home folder sidebar (yuriy) (mutlu_inek, rev. 743425) The side bar is populated since quite a while now. (mutlu_inek, rev. 751696)
  • $HOME in the desktop entry doesn't seem to get evaluated (yuriy)
    • Error is The File or Folder $HOME does not exist. This also mean we cannot get a tree view rooted at ~(SSJ_GZ)
  • Some favicons do not appear in Konqueror's nav bar to titlebar. google.com and kubuntu.org works. kde.org, cnn.com and slashdot.org do not work. (JustinNoel)
    • Bug #153049 (Quique)
  • pressing ctrl+a when focus is on addressbar selects whole webpage instead of the text that is written in the addressbar (only on webpages: khtmlpart?) (emilsedgh) (mutlu_inek, rev. 743425)
    • The same for text input fields in the displayed page. CTRL+A selects the text of the page, not of the input field. (eliasp)
  • In file management mode it can't show hidden files, it doesn't have this option in the View menu, neither there is a shorcut available. (q3xr2)
  • In HTML forms (such as the textbox to edit this wikipage with, or the username box), the initial fontsize is small. Once I click on the form, the font suddenly enlargens. Especially annoying with this editbox, since the place where you think you clicked changes after fontsize change (BCoppens)
  • Clicking on a link to an in-page 'tag' (the a href=#tag thing, like there are lots of in the index of this wiki page), results in konqueror showing the 'Drag link' mouse cursor (BCoppens)
    • Yes, this really disturbs the browsing experience since no interaction with konqueror is possible until the mouse is clicked. (mutlu_inek, rev. 743425) Fixed. (mutlu_inek, rev. 751696)
  • With Konqui becoming webbrowser as primary task, it would make sense to redesign the start page altogether and remove stuff like Storage media, Trash etc. Show something like "Search the web" which points to a search engine, like Google, yahoo,...
  • (Different from the one above) Start Konq. Enter '~'. Make a new tab (CtrlShift+N). Enter '/'. Switch back to the first tab. It's caption suddenly changes from '/home/kde4/' to 'kde4'! Switching to the second tab, removes the '/' and makes that tab nameless) (BCoppens) This seems fixed. (mutlu_inek, rev. 743425)
  • Tabs are nameless if in file browsing mode and the root folder is displayed. (mutlu_inek, rev. 743425)
  • Printing a html file from konqueror. The "HTML Settings" tab has an odd layout. It seems to miss a proper border. (mbiebl)
  • The search button in the upper left corner of techbase.kde.org does not draw correctly (no text). (glenner)
    • Not only that, also some other buttons. (frank95com)
  • For some pages the text in buttons is not shown in full, for example gmail. (talavis) This works well now. (mutlu_inek, rev. 743425)
  • The height in konqueror address bar is too small (sergiof)
  • Flash animations don't show in webpages (ex: www.motorcyclenews.com).Konqueror has the right path to flash plugin (sergiof)
    • The flash plugin doesn't work here. (auxsvr)
      • I confirm,flash plugin doesn't work atm(Meskalamdug)
      • We can confirm that flash doesn't work either while it's well configured (carutsu and mutlu_inek (rev. 743425))
        • Flash works fine now (Meskalamdug)
          • Not for me. It is configured correctly and works in Firefox and Opera. I use version 9.0.48. (mutlu_inek, rev. 751696)
  • Crashes when activating adblock->hide filtered images (see bug #152107 ) (TunaTom, reproduced by shaga)
  • Drag and drop a file/URI from konqueror (web browsing), konqueror (file browsing with the dolphin part) and dolphin to a textfield in a webpage in konqueror doesn't work. Bug #152126 (FiNeX)
  • The close buttons in the tabs don't work. (auxsvr)
  • (wish) add an accelerator to "Save image as" on popup menu in khtml. See: http://pastebin.ca/768638 (FiNeX)
  • Alt text frames are not large enough to show all of the text, e.g. "Comic 2" is displayed only as "Comic ". Also happens in kde3. (hdh)
  • If you have a very long shortcut in the "Web shortcuts" configuration dialog on konqueror, the window will be resized over 1024px. If an user have such resolution he cannot view all the window. The combo box for the "default search engine" is resized for displaying all the text and this make all the window resize. Actually there is a schortcut called "Great Dictionary of the Catalan Language" who make this happen. See bug bug #152374 (FiNeX)
  • URL editor does not show browsing history when dropped down. It only shows the current page's URL. (JustinNoel)
  • Import bookmark of mozilla(esported as mozilla bookmarks from konqueror 3x) doesn't work,no replace,no new folder (Meskalamdug)
  • Inconsistency (IMHO): F4 in Konqueror behaves different than in Dolphin (terminal panel vs. terminal in new window) (gissi)
  • Drag and Drop in dolphin part in konqueror doesn't work. See bug #152706 (FiNeX)
  • Edit bookmark crash,no backtrace generated (Meskalamdug)
    • Now works fine (Meskalamdug)
  • Copy then paste an existing bookmark crashes it. Backtrace: http://pastebin.ca/796786 (kakalto)
  • Error loading dolphin part. By clicking in konqueror on systemsettings:/ ( in the main page.. "conqueror your desktop", i get this error:

There was an error loading the module Dolphin Part. The diagnostics is: QLibrary::load_sys: Cannot load /home/KDE4/kde/lib/kde4/dolphinpart.so (/home/KDE4/kde/lib/kde4/libdolphinpart.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory) I click ok and then: There was an error loading the module Cervisia. The diagnostics is: Library not found I click ok and then: There was an error loading the module kdesvn. The diagnostics is: Library not found i click ok and then: There appears to be a configuration error. You have associated Konqueror with inode/directory, but it cannot handle this file type. Systemsettings don't open.. if you try to launch another konqueror those error appears. ( The file dolphinpart.so exist and is placed in the right directory. The file libdolphinpart doesn't exist ( and it has never existed )). ( LinusV2 )

    • I don't get this error; I get "An error occurred while loading settings:/: Unknown settings folder (kakalto)
  • Konqueror doesn't show the Add RSS Feed to Akregator button in the lower left corner when a website provides a feed (eliasp)
  • Konqueror crashes while trying to go to /home it crashed exactly at /hom (when there were no other choices I guess) backtrace http://pastebin.ca/796683 i tried several times with same result. (carutsu)
    • It looks like some problem in text completion in the URL bar. It happens very often although I did not find a way to reproduce it (ergroot)
  • If you open konqueror and immediately split the window in two (CTRL+SHIFT+R), the right pane loads "about:konqueror", instead of cloning the current page (expected and normal behaviour at any other path) (kakalto)
  • Konqueror doesn't split windows evenly (kakalto)
  • If you split the window left/right, then click in the left pane, split the window left/right again, then close active view once (in either of the left two panes), it resizes one of the remaining panes to full window size, hiding the other pane. (kakalto)
    • This also happens with the upper two panes if you split top/bottom twice, or with combinations of split top/bottom and left/right
  • "Storage Media" link in konqueror broken (kakalto) media_notsupported.jpg media ioslave was removed in kde4 (smileaf)
  • konqueror crashes on exit, backtrace: http://pastebin.ca/796825 (kakalto)
    • Had the same thing happen here, backtrace: http://pastebin.ca/799318 (open_)
    • If i try to open a unexistant kioprotocol, konqueror crashes on exit but only on a kde4 session, from kde3 it doesn't, backtrace: http://pastebin.com/f7729b262
    • same here. I only get the crash if I've visited an external website - if you open local html pages only and then close there is no crash. (matt__)
    • me too. But if I launch Konqueror with Konsole and with an URL (for example konqueror www.kde.org) it doesn't crash on exit (toma222).
    • seemsU** The fixed now rev 746168
  • If I have some addresses in browsing history and start to type one, eg: google.com, and then change so something else (eg: typing goo then an S or some other letter) it brings konqueror to a crash. Maybe something related with the combobox? (jcalado)
  • Copying files to a samba location stalls for anything more than a few hundred KiB (No problems under konq3) (kakalto)
  • If I open a link in a new tab in konqueror by pressing the middle mouse button, the address bar of the former pages and its thumbnail change to the html address and the thumbnail of the new tab (this does not happen when right-clicking the link and choosing "open in new tab"). (mutlu_inek, rev. 743425) Works well now. (mutlu_inek, rev. 751696)
  • if I open the link http://techbase.kde.org/Contribute/Bugsquad/KrushDays konqueror crash. Backtrace: http://pastebin.ca/805725 (mancausoft)
  • The bar at the bottom below where the scrollbar appears is inordinately large for what it displays.
  • A KDE developer's blog does not render legibly at all: http://www.bramschoenmakers.nl/ (mutlu_inek, rev. 747385)
  • After starting a download from konqueror,select folder,kget crash (Meskalamdug)
  • This url http://sourceforge.net/project/downloading.php?group_id=46509&use_mirror=dfn&filename=openrdf-sesame-2.0-rc2-onejar.jar&54070129 crash konqueror (Meskalamdug)
  • Konqueror provides View->enlarge Font and View->shrink Font. If I select 75% in the shrink Font menu, the enlarge Font menu show 100% to me. So I get the impression the font size I am looking at is 100%. Even worse I am not able to select 100% in the enlarge View menu again. I think the two menues should be aware of each other and indicate what the current font size really is. For bugreport see: http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=154121 (confirmed: TunaTom r748790) Fixed by ggarand in commit 752352. (mutlu_inek)
  • Wish: add reload/stop button instead of the two buttons, add a button for replacing the menu bar (like this https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/3722 ) & create config for the look of the tab-bar (position, toogle add & close tab buttons ...)


  • Endless loop when executing the following steps: create a new file, save it with the .py extension, press enter, up, closed parenthesis, enter (paolo)
  • Word Completion - flickering suggestion popup when mouse pointer is inside the popup area. (Hilefoks) Works now. (mutlu_inek, rev. 743425)
    • I still have this bug. (Hilefoks rev. 748314)
      • Do you use compositing? Which graphics card do you have? And which drivers do you use? (mutlu_inek, rev. 751699)
  • Ctrl + a only selects everything up to the cursor (csh) Works now. (mutlu_inek, rev. 743425)
    • I still have this bug. Revision 744890. (Carutsu) Solved in revision 746184.


  • traceback after "file has changed, what will you do?" and clicking reload - however, i couldn't reproduce it. http://pastebin.ca/778564 (jstubbs)
    • I used this feature a lot and it never crashed on me. (mutlu_inek, rev. 751699)
  • kwrite word completion plugin (This problem is also highlighted in the KATE section) - enabled, when completing a word the popup flickers madly ONLY for the first word, but works for completion for the next word onwards. Attached kwrite output and bt - http://pastey.net/77535 and http://pastey.net/77536 - hmm dont think the bt is of any use (null__)
    • Can you still reproduce this? It works perfectly for me. Do you use compositing? Which graphics card do you have? And which drivers do you use? (mutlu_inek, rev. 751699)
  • If you open a text file with kwrite, click on a line and press CTRL+A to select all, visually it only displays that line and all prior lines being selected, but if you copy to clipboard, it copies everything. When you switch programs or maximise kwrite, it refreshes and shows all as selected. Also affects Kate. (kakalto)
    • We could fix this by calling repaintText(false); in KateView::selectAll() after setSelection(...)... ? (mstocker)
    • I was able to confirm this a week ago, but it is fixed for me now in r746830 (firmo). Same here (uwolfer).
  • If i open a binary-text file(for example nvidia-driver) kwrite use all ram and cause a out of memory (Meskalamdug)
    • It works for me at revision 751699, could you check again? (mutlu_inek)

Login Manager KCM

  • There are numbers on the tabs (yuriy)
    • yes - the kcm is too big to have non-clashing letter shortcuts.


  • It doesn't work correctly for the bit mapped fonts Fixed[Misc] & Fixed[Sony] which come with X11 are the best example of this since they might be used in Konsole. This is mainly a Konsole issue. <JRT>
    • There should be only 2 sizes of Fixed[Sony] which works correctly in KDE3 it displays only two sizes. I'm not 100% clear on how this works if you have a screen resolution other than 75 or 100, but xfontsel lists two point sizes for 100 dpi: 12 & 17 and this agrees with the KFontSel dialog. But in KDE4 it lists the usual list of sizes from 4 to 64.
    • There are several sizes of Fixed[Misc], according to xfonsel they are: 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, & 14. KDE has this fairly close to correct -- close enough that it works OK. It also lists 4 which may be a 75 dpi font and it lists 9 but not 12. Could these be rounding errors? IAC, KDE4 is the same as with Fixed[Sony], it has the standard list of 4 to 64.
    • We need to first ask if this is a Qt bug/error as are other font issues.
      • The Fixed{Misc} fonts are not a uniform set of fonts and I don't think that there is any way that Qt can deal with this issue.

Icons KCM

  • Forces you to a manual reboot if you try to change icon theme :-) (ruphy)


  • After finishing the KNetattach wizard, it opens up a Konqueror window using the newly created connection instead of Dolphin. (eliasp)


  • Not a bug per se but "Clear clipboard History"'s icon (right click in the systray icon of Klipper) is a sand clock, while the methaphor is (i think) reseting history it is just confusing IMHO, couldn't it be the clipboard with an eraser or something? (Carutsu)



- Fixed (apol) --> it still crashes here (svn 750124) (pvandewyngaerde ) backtrace http://pastebin.ca/827632


  • After typing an already typed letter, the focus is left on the guess "button", which means I have to press tab to get back to the letter entry field. If we enable the focus back before tooltip is hidden, it means the tooltip has to be hidden when a new letter is entered. (jstubbs)
    • annma: intented behaviour is that the input is impossible why popup is shown. To leave the kid the time to understand what he is doing. Messing with the tooltip now seems bad to me. It's a WON'T FIX until we have it tested with kids ;) sorry jstubbs!
  • See if the font progressbar can disappear after first run (jstubbs)
    • annma: Removing your ~/.fonts/d dustismo_roman.ttf will make the bug go away. The font will reinstall and then it'll be found. Not sure why it happened...
    • jstubbs: the above does not work for me
  • Test what happens for the fonts when no internet connection (annma)
  • Wish: when using the Special chars toolbar, letters should go immediatly in the word or in Missed. Annma is not sure this would work with kids, they maybe won't understand what happens. (jstubbs)
    • annma: maybe a config option for KDE 4.1 as we are in feature freeze now.
  • Language combo in toolbar does not resize correctly when adding a language with a longer name than those already present. (jstubbs)
  • Right-clicking "Type accented letters" does not offer the context sensitive help when the option is disabled. (jstubbs)
    • annma: this is from Qt, it's default behaviour for QWhatsThis help.
    • jstubbs: Using the "what's this" button from the title bar and then clicking on it gives the help. Perhaps this should be sent upstream? At the moment, it is not clear what the option does or under what situations it would become enabled...


  • Searching for "one" takes a long time to process, during which the application blocks without any feedback. (jstubbs)
  • "Filter Rare" does not seem to work (jstubbs)
  • From the Search menu, selecting Search {with Beginning of Word, Anywhere}, Grade or Strokes does not seem to have any affect (jstubbs)
  • Selecting Verb or Noun from the grammatical element dropdown does not seem to have any affect (jstubbs)
  • When searching for something that has no results, the results pane continues to display the previous results until a refresh is forced (jstubbs)
  • Can't copy text when right clicking on selected text in the results pane (jstubbs)
  • Disabling "match only whole english word" still only matches whole words (jstubbs)


  • In fraction tasks, the denominators used sometimes exceed the max denominator that is set. (jstubbs) r732343 attempted to fixe it but not totally


  • With KWin's dimming of inactive windows, it is difficult to relate the colors signfying right/wrong answers back to the map (jstubbs)


  • Editing function does not work as if Enter is not doing anything (rivo, gissi and idem-kde4) Annma cannot reproduce.
    • Note by gissi: For me, only editing a cartesian plot doesn't work, the others work as expected. Don't know wether that's the same for rivo and idem.
      • I confirm this too, i also confirm that it is a regression, it worked just fine few month ago (ELV13)
        • Should be fixed on r750188 (aacid) (confirmed pvandewyngaerde)
  • The cursor disappear when a dialog is open and the mouse go over the plot visualizer section
  • zoom in/out buttons do not work (pvandewyngaerde)
  • opening the "constants editor" from the "equation editor", does not work before you close the "equation editor" (pvandewyngaerde)


  • Navigate to Minneapolis (search is quick) and then zoom in until "saint paul" appears. Rotating up and down will now cause the text "saint paul" to jump around. (jstubbs) Works now. (mutlu_inek, rev. 751699)
  • In full screen mode, clicking in the right half of the globe doesn't work. It seems that plasma is getting the events? (jstubbs) Works now. (mutlu_inek, rev. 751699)
  • Marble has to be restarted for the newly downloaded maps (KHotNewStuff2) to be integrated into the sidebar and therefore usable. (mutlu_inek, rev. 751699)



  • The colors chosen for the balls are not displayed. They're white (without compositing). (frank95com).


  • Some graphical glitches in Klondike with compiz enabled(Meskalamdug)



  • Random crashes when navigating to directories, or when editing the path manually. Backtrace http://pastebin.ca/760077 (luca_b)
  • Gwenview is noticeably slower while loading the images than the stable 1.4.2 version (on the same system). It seems that the new version load entirely the image before showing it. Gwenview 1.4.2 show the image little by little that is better for the user experience. See bug report: bug #152275 (mar nov 13 22:40:35 CET 2007, FiNeX)
  • In the "view" mode, if the "zoom to fit option" is enabled and the gwenview window is smaller than the monitor resolution, when you navigate through images with "next" and "previous" buttons, the gwenview window will be resized to the max size for displaying the image. See bug bug #152276 (mar nov 13 23:09:03 CET 2007, FiNeX)
  • Problems while loading files without having read permissions. For a long description and some examples see: bug #152398 (FiNeX)
  • When rotating an image there are sometimes parts of the last rotation still visible and the image doesn't return to the centre of the window.gwenviewrotatecc9.th.jpg (open_)
    • Confirmed, using r745387. (lucianolev)


  • Snapshots are saved with permissions 0600 rather than the current umask (jstubbs)


  • Reviews cannot be removed from the Reviews sidebar using delete key.(lucianolev)


  • Fonts look weird Fonts are fine for me. (mutlu_inek, rev. 743425)
  • urrent image size doesn't stand out - white on white background



  • Can't get any sound to work. Chosen backend is xine. Tried to play an mp3 in juk. juk says its playing, but I get no sound. (mbiebl)
    • Have you already tried to configure different main output from kcm_phonon to music category? Changing dev=0 output worked for me.. (teprrr)
  • In the Phonon kcm module, dragging of devices in the priority list works, but it is not possible dropping them (eliasp)

Oxygen - Style

  • konsole, Oxygen: the arrows of the right scrollbar are not visible (black on black). (mbiebl) Seems to be fixed. (mutlu_inek, rev. 743425)
  • Too little contrast in the window-list from alt-tab shortcut, people with only slight visual problems won't be able to see the difference between selected/not selected (apaku)
  • Missing widgets / invisible text in the side bar off application like marble or kalzium
  • Close/minimize/maximise/make independant button in title bar and panel qt container are not similar. In panel container when they are highlighted, a square is painted over them. In title bar it is a circle. To get more coherence, both should be the same (square are nicer in my opinion).
  • Oxygen window decoration is missing "keep above others" and "keep below others" functionality. (and possibly icons for them, too) (teprrr)
  • Tabbar scroll buttons, when the tabs exceed the space available for the widget, are drawn on top of the rightmost tab: Kopete yahooconfig oxygen tab bug.png
    • Already reported: bug #152327 (FiNeX)
    • Fixed on latest revisions (FiNeX)
      • This still does not work for me at all. Does anyone else have this bug, too? (mutlu_inek, rev. 751699)
  • There's an obvious flaw in the drawing of progress bars, which is only visible during the first 15% of the progress bar being filled. After a progress bar is filled up to 20% it looks nice. To reproduce, start a large download with Kget for example and you'll notice the flaw. (yojoe)
  • Too litte textbox in konqueror using 1152*864 resolution. The text is cut up and down, same for dolphin
  • Konsole tabbar look odd and ugly (teddy)
  • Menu mouse-over in menubar still missing (teddy)

Oxygen - Icons

  • Chanel icons in KMix could use some Oxygenification (JLP)
  • systemsettings: in Network & Connectivity group every item has the same icon. (teprrr)
  • Juk is missing guess tags from filename icon (teprrr)
  • A lot of missing icons in kinfocenter (FiNeX)
  • List of missing icons with screenshots:
  • No icon in krandrtray on systray (Meskalamdug)
  • Some missing icons in Korganizer (Meskalamdug)


  • When you add ratings/comments to a file through Nepomuk and then you rename this file, the ratings/comments disappear. (Tyl3r)
  • Nepomuk won't start, I have enabled it with kcmshell4 kcm_nepomuk but it does not start. Every time I start kcmshell4 kcm_nepomuk, "Enable Nepomuk..." is unchecked again. (Meskalamdug)
    • Reproducible also for me. However, according to the Service Manager in System Settings, the Nepomuk Server is automatically started and currently running. Also, Dolphin does not complain about Nepomuk not running. It offers that I can rate and tag files, but the entries are not actually recorded. (mutlu_inek, rev. 743425)
  • Dolphin doesn't tag nothing. When yuo change file the tag\rating, etc.. disappears. Nepomuk and strigi are started and seems running.(Linusv2)


  • Sometimes KNS dialog is under Settings dialog (Kanagram and KStars) modal/non-modal issue when KNS is invoked from a Config dialog (jstubbs)

KDElibs - Misc

  • kbuildsycoca4 crashes on startup. Backtrace windows is displayed below splashscreen. After a while - everything goes down. Couldn't save backtrace, but last KDE entry was vfolder_menu.cpp:488. Next was qdebug. Using rev 741332 (macson_g)
  • cannot write Right-To-Left...in kde3 when you start a line with a character of an rtl language, the line goes rtl automatically (emilsedgh)
    • Well, for me it does write RTL, but the text is not right-aligned as in KDE3, but left-aligned which is indeed a bug. (mutlu_inek, rev. 743425)
  • Configure shortcuts dialog is too small at start: I cannot see the action name at all (it says stuff like 'C...' instead of 'Close'). Furthermore, and much worse: I cannot change the width of the columns at all to try to make the action names readable! (BCoppens)
  • I can reproduce this behaviour e.g. with okular or kbounce, but not whith kwin4 or kgouldrunner: open okular, resize it, close it -- when reopened it will have the same size as before. Now maximize the window and close the app. When you restart the app it has it's default size. (Trigger7)
    • I can confirm this. (mutlu_inek, rev. 743425)
    • This bug seems to be related with bug #137108. Don't know a person but me which can reproduce it right now - please speak up if you can! Pinotree thinks this is a kdelibs bug and no bug in the applications. You can find an very ugly screen cast shich shows the problem here: http://alioth.debian.org/~trigger-guest/resizing-windows.ogg (Trigger7)
    • I can reproduce this here. kpdf in KDE3 will restart maximized, however if you click the restore button, it returns to the default window size, which is too small. (auxsvr)
  • When you make an application's toolbar locked, the next time you start the application the toolbar is not locked. (brumgabrasch) bug #152263
  • When you make an application's toolbar float, the next time you start the application the toolbar becomes a glitch.
      • Test case: http://www.mediafire.com/?5xjgdxttclt
      • Screenshot: glitchxi2.png
      • Steps to reproduce:
        • Run KWrite
        • Make the toolbar float
        • Exit it and run it again
      • Might be related:
        • The floating toolbars no longer have a title bar or a border
        • The "Toolbar Menu->Orientation" menu no longer have "flat" or "floating"
    • I can confirm this. (mutlu_inek, rev. 743425)
    • Mek: using Qt 4.4 snapshot this is fixed
  • When trying to hear an audio preview (Right click on an audio file -> Properties -> Preview) the UI appears completely messed up (luca_b).
    • Should be fixed. Please confirm. (Vir)
      • Works. (teprrr and eliasp)
  • The now fixed audio preview dialog could use some further improvements. Currently, it's very hard doing a seek on a long track due to the really short seek bar. Here's a quick'n'dirty mockup how it could be done: kfileaudiopreview-seekbar-redesign.png (eliasp)
  • Invisible menu bar disable shortcuts: bug #152519 (FiNeX) Fixed on 744418
  • The items in the "select folder" dialogue are not sorted. (rabauke)
  • Double-clicking folders on the "select folder" dialogue does not expand them. (rabauke)
  • Playing an audio preview (rightclick → properties → preview), the audio preview is played using the Video channel defined in Phonon's settings. The preview component should be able to decide, based on the MIME type (audio or video), whether to do the play the sound using the Video or Music channel of Phonon. It's easy to reproduce if you have more than one soundcard. (eliasp)
    • Vir added a 'fix' to do the playback using the NoCategory Phonon channel. Now we're waiting, until NoCategory is configurable using kcm phonon ;-) (eliasp)
  • Filedialog: It should be possible jumping to the address bar using F6/the default shortcut, like it's possible in Konqueror. (eliasp)
  • In Kfind if you start deleting something that you have found while search is in progress, the delete progress window appear, but it don't want to stay in top of kfind. Kfind always stays on top with this window.(Linusv2)


  • smb:/ ioslave causes crash (nixternal) (kakalto) - bug #152838
  • smb:/ ioslave does not work with shares that need authentication. Console output: http://pastebin.ca/760196 (luca_b)
  • The sftp:/ (scp:/ and others probably too) display '%2F' instead of '/' at the end of a path during autocompletion. Screenshot: sftp-auto-completion.png (eliasp)
  • Setting permissions (rwx) of a file via sftp:/ doesn't work. It just doesn't change anything. (eliasp)
  • file transfer from smb-shares stalls, bug #153054


  • There is no real font shrinking and enlarging available in apps that use khtml (I tested Konqueror and Akregator), only full page shrink/enlarge. This must be there in 4.0, IMO this is absolutely a release blocker. (If this functionality is available in KHTML and apps only don't use it, this bug note should be moved to all apps needing font shrink/enlarge but currently not implementing it) (gissi)
  • Using full page shrink causes some graphical glitches (e.g. extremely unsharp font, displaced items). See Screenshot. (gissi)

Directory Browser

The directory browser (e.g. Rightclick on Desktop → Configure Desktop → Slideshow → Add Directory) doesn't have the option to display hidden directories (rightclick in the browser → show hidden directories). So it's not possible adding ~/.kde/share/wallpapers to the Slideshow in this case. (eliasp)



  • Too much columns in default setting. Not a bug but a bad looking thing. (frank95com)
  • When retrieving covers from the internet, a lot of 'transfer dialog' windows pop up and covering the whole screen for a moment. (eliasp)
    • I can confirm this. (mutlu_inek, rev. 743425)
  • Also, the cover is not actually shown in the "cover" column (instead there is a placeholder pic). (mutlu_inek, rev. 743425)
  • JuK needs to be restarted to apply a changed output device of the Phonon 'Music' channel. (eliasp)


  • The kmix icon in the system tray always shows 0% volume and doesn't respond to mouse wheel movement. (auxsvr)
    • This happens when the default master channel is PCM. Trying to change to front it shows the volume percentage. (frank95com)
    • I have an USB soundcard that only provides PCM, nothing else... I'd like to be able using volume change on scrolling + showing volume percentage. It worked in KDE 3.5.x. (eliasp)
      • I have a "solution" for this bug:select other master channel(whateveryouwant) then reselect pcm,then close and reopen kmix,you will find the volume in tray working. (Meskalamdug)
  • wish: the checkbox to mute/unmute and output/input isn't very intuitive. Can I suggest something like this? (http://www.box.net/shared/quc0dkrx8t). (frank95com)
    • vote++ (eliasp)
  • The default layout of the KMix window should be changed at some points (eliasp): has been fixed. Didn't change at all ;-( (Yes, I've deleted my config-files..!) (eliasp)


    • The window height should be increased or a minimal value should be set as it is currently not obvious, that the lower buttons are volume sliders - they look just like a button you can't click.
    • There's a lot of unused space on the bottom.
    • The default window width should be slightly increased - it looks a little bit squeezed.
  • don't change the master channel: kmix_4.png (mancausoft)




  • Kopete crashes while connecting to my GTalk account (shortly after the contact list is loaded). See bug #152874
  • When creating an account in Kopete I chose to use KWallet to store my passwords. After which KWallet brings up it's dialog to enter the password, but the Kopete settings window switches to being the window that's on top (but not focused) when interacting with the KWallet dialog, and vice versa, KWallet is on top when clicking on the settings window. (open_)
  • Right clicking on the Kopete icon in the system tray and clicking on quit didn't exit the program when I ran Kopete for the first time. I've tried to duplicate this bug, but I haven't found a way. (open_)
    • I can reproduce that when a chatwindow window is open. Maybe this was the case for you as well? (Earthwings)
  • In the Settings drop-down menu there are tickable options which change from Show to Hide whether they are ticked or unticked. Personally it looks like the program is malfunctioning if Hide Offline Users is ticked and I can see offline users. (open_)
    • Confirmed. The text shouldn't change for ToggleActions in the menu, and the tooltip for the Show All button always displays the wrong tooltip. (Earthwings)
  • Kopete crashes when someone adds me on msn, using an up-to date kde4daily
    • If you're using KDE4Daily it includes support for debugging. The application crash window that appears after the crash will have a tab saying "backtrace" (if I remember correctly) which is of great use to the people fixing the bugs. Check the information at the top of the page for where to paste the debugging output to. (open_)
  • When adding an msn acount it start's with acount preferences instead of basic setup
  • Even if i check remember password it ask's me one more time for password
  • Adding a msn contact(valid) produce..nothing (Meskalamdug)


  • Akregrator provides currently no tabbing functionality at all. Neither is it possible to open an article using 'Rightclick -> Open in tab' nor using 'Middleclick' (when having it configured this way). It is only possible opening articles in an external browser. (eliasp).
  • Marking feeds or messages as Read does not work. Even when reading a message, it is not marked as read. (Kleag 23:46, 7 November 2007 (CET)) - fixed in 734910
    • Marking feeds as Read is still broken for me. (yuriy)
  • If a feed is deleted, the feed tree view is folded up completely. (Icwiener 03:48, 10 November 2007 (CET))
    • Confirmed. Tree view is currently reset when something has changed. -- Eckhart 14:19, 10 November 2007 (CET)
  • Shortcuts for increasing and decreasing font size in View menu are not shown completely (here "Ctrl+" for both) (Icwiener 13:11, 17 November 2007 (CET))
    • Confirmed, same thing also in "Go" menu. -- Eckhart 12:57, 18 November 2007 (CET)
  • Doesn't remember the width of the columns in the feed list panel and the "article" column in the article list panel cannot be resized. See bug #152702 (FiNeX)
  • When Multiple articles are highlighted and ^U is pressed only one has it's flag changed to unread. (DaSkreech)
  • When using 'Mark Feed as Read' the 'Unread' value in the feed list on the left isn't updated until clicking somewhere else again. (eliasp)
    • Confirmed. -- Eckhart 12:40, 25 November 2007 (CET)
  • There is no visual feedback, whether a feed still contains unread articles (e.g. bold feed name in feed list) (eliasp)
    • Confirmed. -- Eckhart 12:40, 25 November 2007 (CET)
  • When trying to delete an article the selected count is three times bigger than the selected articles. (msoeken) bug #152949
    • Confirmed. -- Eckhart 01:01, 26 November 2007 (CET)
  • After deleting an article a list entry with no text is left. (msoeken) bug #152949
    • Confirmed. -- Eckhart 01:01, 26 November 2007 (CET)
  • When marking an article as important and then clicking on other articles, the flags are changing from one article to other ones. (msoeken)
    • Confirmed. -- Eckhart 12:40, 25 November 2007 (CET)
  • In the context menu (right click) of an article the icon for the option "Mark as important" is an envelope. (Carutsu)


  • Again the corrupt download problem:i try http://fpdownload.macromedia. com/get/flashplayer/current/install_flash_player_9_linux.tar.gz and i get a corrupted file (Meskalamdug)
    • Are you saying that a previous problem crept in again? I tried the link and it worked for me. (mutlu_inek, rev. 752265)


Please report bugs to the KDE bugtracker. There is not enough space here for meaningful reports, and it is hard to discuss or track them here.

Make sure you include enough details in your reports.

For crashes, read this article first.
For normal bugs, read this article.



Ark support only zip and raw cd images (Meskalamdug)


  • Most of the Items are empty (emilsedgh)


  • Under Settings->Configure KCalc...->General->Precision there is a spin box labelled "Maximum number of digits:". You can type numbers from 0-99 in it but it can be rotated (with the arrow buttons) up to 200. (Icwiener 03:34, 10 November 2007 (CET)) Fixed. (mutlu_inek, rev. 752265)
  • The window becomes way too wide when chosen high precicion. It's what the user wants if he sets the precision that high, but couldn't there be another solution than expanding the window beyond the screen borders? (Icwiener 03:34, 10 November 2007 (CET)) I have a small screen (1024x768) and it does not even fill half of it. I condider this fixed. (mutlu_inek, rev. 752265)
  • The dialog "Configure KCalc" is way too tall, and the space is not even needed. (Carutsu) Fixed. (mutlu_inek, rev. 752265)
  • After enabling some buttons under Settings (such as Science buttons or Statistic buttons) when you disable them the application doesn't resize back to the smaller size it needs now. (Carutsu) Fixed. (mutlu_inek, rev. 752265)


  • In Settings->Configure KHexEdit...->Files there is an option "Do not save 'Recent' document list on exit". This is a negative option. "Yes, I do not want to have them saved" <- odd (Icwiener 03:34, 10 November 2007 (CET))


  • On the info page on startup, the "littler than" sign '<' for the email address at the end of the page is not drawn. (Icwiener 03:34, 10 November 2007 (CET))
  • When typing "a+" (without quote chars), KRegExpEditor crashes (backtrace) -- Eckhart 15:09, 10 November 2007 (CET)
    • confirmed in revision 737446 (FiNeX)


  • Gpg-agent won't start,i put it in .kde4/Autostart but at every kde start..kgpg said "The use of GnuPG Agent is enabled in GnuPG's configuration file (/home/giuseppe/.gnupg/gpg.conf).However, the agent does not seem to be running. This could result in problems with signing/decryption.Please disable GnuPG Agent from KGpg settings, or fix the agent" my script syntax is "#!/bin/sh eval "$(gpg-agent --daemon)" (Meskalamdug)
    • Probably is a Konsole problem,gpg-agent is running but no $GPG_AGENTINFO like kde3 (Meskalamdug)

fileshare module

  • file share config dialog crash adding shared folders. See bug #152989 (FiNeX)

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