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Konqueror Bug Triage Weekend

This is the working page for the Konqueror Bug Weekend being held on Jan 6th/7th 2006. If you're looking for general information on getting started, see the Bugsquad Guide. Rumor has it the last Konqueror bug day reached February 2005, so any reports before that don't need to be re-checked.

It's already Saturday somewhere in the world so let's get going!

Bug lists

This section has lists of bugs. To start working on a list of bugs, put your name next to it. When you've finished, just remove the list. This way we can hopefully avoid too much duplication of effort.

For those not able to modify bug reports directly you may use the bugs to be done page or #kde-bugs IRC channel on to bring them to our attention. Those users with the permission will then make the necessary changes.


Set 1 (6 bugs) - philrod (mostly done. Someone else to take a look would be useful)

Set 2 (13 bugs)

Set 3 (12 bugs)

Set 4 (8 bugs)

Set 5 (9 bugs)

Set 6 (10 bugs)

Set 7 (7 bugs) Jucato

Set 8 (8 bugs)

Set 9 (14 bugs)

Set 10 (9 bugs) - bram85 (done, some waiting for feedback)

Full list


Note that these bugs include those listed in the "general" component, so some will be browser-related. They should be moved to a more specific component if applicable.

Konqueror/KHTML & Printing

Here are all printing related bugzilla entries I found. I (Kurt Pfeifle) will be working on these over the next few days (more help is welcome):

I'll create a separate Konqui/KHTML printing bugs workspace page for related note taking, comments, additions, test cases.

Bugs needing a particular setup to check

Put any bugs here that need a particular OS/distro, or some hardware, etc.

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