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Konqueror Bug Triage Weekend

Begins: Saturday January 6 2007 (in the a.m.)

Ends: Sunday January 7 2007 (in the p.m.)

Getting Involved

What can you do:

  • Confirming bugs. Bugs with the UNCONFIRMED status should get the NEW status once someone else is able to reproduce the bug reliably.
  • Finding bug duplicates. Many bugs entered into Bugzilla are duplicated of other bugs. Sometimes it's hard to recognize these duplicates by a single person. The following remarks may help you identifying them:
    • Use the Similar Bugs link to look if there are duplicates.
    • In case of crashes, use the link below the comment field to look for crash reports with the same backtrace. The backtrace must be in the body of the report in order to look for similar reports. This tool does not look in attachments with backtraces.
    • The bug is really trivial and with some common sense you could know it is reported before that time.
  • Close bugs which insufficient information and which are open for quite a long time (e.g. reporter does not respond on a need-more-info request). Usually a timeout of one month or more is considered as an information timeout.
  • Categorize bugs into the right components. Many bug reports for Konqueror can be further categorized to khtml and kfm components, for example.
  • Labeling bugs which contain testcases as such in the title. Testcases for Konqueror are typically files or webpages which demonstrate the bug reported. Ideally, testcases contain the minimal amount of code (HTML, scripts, etc.) necessary to reproduce a bug.

For those who are not able to modify the bug reports directly you may use the wiki or IRC channel to point out bugs which fall into the categories above. Those users with the permission can then make these changes.

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