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Flash support in Konqueror

Please fill in the table below. You can ignore the test sites if you like.

Does flash work in trunk? 3.5.9? With what version? There are lots of variables here. I want a nice table to help developers in the quest to make annoying software work. Since most of the bug reports we get on this seem to be somewhat useless, and hard to collate, I made this page.

about:plugins in the urlbar will tell you what flash version you have

Reproducibility is what we are looking for here, backtraces aren't as useful, apparently. Unless you use them to find out if they are misusing gtk. (add link) Eventually we can perhaps just link to this webpage from bugreports, as we'll have a nice matrix of what versions work, right?

Please fill in the below table, and go through a few sites if you have the time. The last ones aren't as important. I just want to know if they work for you or not.

Please list kde version, flash version, 32/64bit here. When you upgrade, add to the table, do NOT delete! Also, do newer flash versions work in 3.5.9?

Name KDE version number (distro/SVN rev) Flash version 32 or 64bit? Works? Comments?
Blauzahl svn branch ~4.0.3 revBD2 9.0.115 32 works pretty damn stable
mutlu_inek trunk svn r804277 9.0.115? 32 see below
hays gentoo 4.0.4 9.0.124 64 mostly works
Krop svn >814000 10.0 b218 32 works
knusperfrosch 3.5.8 10.0 b218-0ubuntu3 32 mostly works
Grundleborg svn trunk r815516 (mandriva from Penguin Liberation Front repos) 64 works
tazz 4.0.3 32 Works well no issues.

I (mutlu_inek) can use flash. It works with a few errors (see test cases below) and reliable crashes of nspluginviewer, not Konqui, every time I browse away from a site using flash. The Nspluginviewer does automatically restart, though, so no grave problem. I am using self-compiled trunk, rev. 798847 799237 800877 804277, and adobe's flashplugin 9.0.124 on Arch Linux, 32 bit.

The nsplugin crashes have been fixed in trunk, I am running rev. 804277 (mutlu_inek).

Flash Player 9.0.48 works perfectly in my Konq r803177 (trunk). IIRC 9.0.115 hung randomly, crashed, and continuously spiked the CPU. System is 32bit. Logixoul 11:00, 8 May 2008 (CEST)

Test site #1: pathological goodness

What happens?

Sahaqiel -If I close the tab after hovering the second ad counting from the right, nspluginviewer will crash. And besides, the ad will expand leaving a blank spot with the size the ad occupied.

Blauzahl - Sad. It doesn't all display. I get gray boxes. I swear this site worked fine for me the last time we did BugDay. I also get the ad expansion blanking the underlying text. screenshot

if you have multiple tabs open, and then hover over the dog ad, then close that tab, does it crash? uga says: uhm... tried but, as soon as I tried opening a new tab, my (google) konqui got locked

mutlu_inek - The site looks and works exactly like in Firefox: screenshot

  • Flash boxes that resize themselves are not displayed correctly, they claim the space they use when they are full-sized by displaying a white box over the other flash content. The same issue with Firefox. Appears to have nothing to do with Konqui.
  • The video player flash box has a black background that is larger than the video player box. The same issue with Firefox. Appears to have nothing to do with Konqui.
  • Nspluginviewer crashes when browsing away from the site.

hays - Works for me, no crashing. Looks like Firefox. Rendering looks similar if not the same. KDE 4.0.4/Flash

tazz - Works fairly well for me

Test site #2: youtube nice shoes. Youtube is close to a generic flash testcase.

mutlu_inek - The site looks and works exactly like in Firefox: screenshot

  • Nspluginviewer crashes when browsing away from the site.

Blauzahl - worked for me, will retest if someone gives me a hockey video

hays - Only plays two seconds of the video. KDE 4.0.4/Flash

tazz - I played a video for 16 seconds it worked well.

Test site #3: Google streetview ---> streetview Does it work?

mutlu_inek - The site looks exactly like in Firefox.

  • Full-Screen View does not work. The view is enlarged only within the regular google map box (it does not take over the search results space on the left as in Firefox). Also, the street scene becomes gray and nothing will get the functionality back (not even returning from full-screen view). To be able to use street view again, the street view window has to be closed and a new one opened.
  • Moving the map that underlies the street view moves the street view popup since it is fixed to the location on the map that was searched for [This is correct behavior]. When the street view popup leaves the frame of the regular map view in Firefox, it is _below_ the search results and address bar parts of the website. In Konqueror, however, the street view (without the popup's frame) overlays the rest of the website. See: screenshot
  • Nspluginviewer crashes when browsing away from the site and when closing a street view popup.

bug #161137 probably ought to just be closed, but we'll see if the guy does so firstsomeone dup'd itBlauzahl

hays - Seems to work for the most part. Noticed full-screen differences from Firefox, but still had functionality.

tazz - Seems to work for the most parts.

Test site #4: Music site: skip this site, it is hardcoded to look for ff or ie apparently. send them an email complaining instead.

Blauzahl says: Newest site on my shitlist.

  • Super slow.
  • I can't change languages. (works under iceweasel
  • I can't play music. It gives a popup box saying there's a problem with the flash audio backend. In Iceweasel it says it wants Flash 6+ to run jamPlayerWeb. So maybe it just isn't finding it?
  • btw: Lots of commentary on irc about how they just look for ff or ie and refuse everyone else. Probably are screwed here. Don't remember if cloaking made it work.
  • I can't play music neither. --Knusperfrosch 09:24, 2 June 2008 (CEST)

mutlu_inek finds that the site works reasonably fast and simply browsing it has not yet triggered any errors. However, ...

  • Playing music (whether through the embedded player in the upper right or through the popup player does not work. In both cases, Konqueror simply freezes. In the latter case, the popup does not even show. No hints at what is wrong on the command line. No crash report.
  • Downloading songs in not possible, either. Clicking the "download" button equally freezes Konqueror.

Test site #5: You should see two maps, one bigger at the center and one smaller by the right.

  • Both maps are shown as grey rectangles. --Knusperfrosch 09:24, 2 June 2008 (CEST)

Test site #6: cars

Has a ton of scriptable flash.

worksforme atm. Blauzahl

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