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Bugs that should be WISHES

Sometimes there are bugs that are actually wishlist items. If you think a bug is not really a bug please put it here.

  • bug #167701 I do not know if usability bugs are wishes or not. Jtamate
  • bug #176753 Ability to adjust icons size in kickoff. Jtamate
  • bug #181031 HIG question about position of rmb menu on task. I like the current behaviour, but more expert people should decide. FiNeX
    • It has been reported as bug, but it seems more like a wish (imho) FiNeX
  • bug #182689 Reporter wants title bar mouse click actions back, not sure if that is going to happen. Ruchir
  • bug #182880 Reporter wants access to customize theme directly from desktop settings. Ruchir
  • bug #182925 There is scope of improvement in device notifier applet. Ruchir
  • bug #182950 Option to save session is missing. Ruchir

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