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Bugs you can't do

If there are bugs you can't test with your settings, fill those in here. Since this is most likely due to one of the backends not working for you, we group those by backends here:

  • bug #162677 no idea what application this was about, not sure if this should not be changed to wish Mamarok
  • bug #199523 Can't reproduce since sane (:P) binary distros at least require you to have the Null Phonon backend installed JontheEchidna

gstreamer backend

  • bug #204112 gstreamer backend. Dragonplayer doesn't list .avi files as supported, but is able to play those.Mamarok

xine backend

  • bug #168873 crash on apples hd quicktime gallery. apple changed the webpage with ua-based links. so there is currently no way to test it. dtritscher

vlc backend

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