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Bugs that you can't do

If you are unable to work out what to do with a bug, and you have asked on IRC and not received a response, list the bug here.

  • bug #140365 Can't reproduce, as there are no formating options in jabber chat window. Is there some regression or am I simply too stupid to find the option to enable chat formating? dtritscher
  • bug #155931 The option mentioned is grayed out and can't be used gkiagia
  • bug #157418 I can't reproduce because msn webcam doesn't work at all in kde4 (see bug #161123) gkiagia
  • bug #139418 Unable to create the needed debug log dtritscher
  • bug #89486 Unable to reproduce in msn because inviting others in a group chat doesn't work. brot tested this with jabber, but jabber multi chat is quite different, I think it should be tested with msn first. gkiagia
  • bug #90741 Can't do that because winpopup doesn't work at all. see bug #140142 gkiagia
  • bug #131609 I cannot reproduce on a pc without a samba server, but I think winpopup doesn't work at all... see bug #140142 gkiagia

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