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Bugs still present in KDE 4

If a bug is still present in the KDE4 version of Kopete, list it here.

  • bug #139307 Technically, this bug is fixed in KDE4, but a worse behavior has replaced it! (Should be a really easy fix though!) kwilliam
  • bug #147092 While the file itself is transfered, sandsmark kopete crashed while it finished the filetransfer from his jabber account to mine. Not really sure if this is a jabber issue or not, because msn filetransfers seem to cause crashes too, see bug #162760. After some sleep we should be able to tell ;) brot
  • bug #144750 Added informations to the bug itself, joining MUC from the gmail jabber account works with psi, so should be a valid bug brot
  • bug #141513 While sandsmark sees the newly set avatar, i dont see it. Closing the chatwindow and reapplying the style doesnt help, kopete needs to be restarted. brot
  • bug #141513 Length of the password set by windows live (kopete doesnt seem to offer password changing for msn) is limited to 16 characters, and kopete allows to enter more than that while login, so maybe it fails because of that. Should be an easy to fix bug if thats the problem :) brot

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