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Bugs needing attention from Kopete developers

If the issue raised in a bug is a complex one, and it is not obvious whether it is fixed, or is going to be fixed, or the issue is a policy decision, list the bug report here for handling by a Kopete developer.

  • bug #150483 patch attached in bz knusperfrosch - patch committed by mattr 06/05/08 20:45 U.S. Central time
  • bug #111966 patch exists in bz quite a while now knusperfrosch
  • bug #121030 I get mixed results, i added 2 people in MSN one got through and the other one is showing as "E-Mail Address Not Verified" tazz
  • bug #71306 Could one of the devs please look into this one? (Re-assigned it as a wishlist) tazz
  • bug #124963 mattr please look into this bug, your question has been answered. tazz
  • bug #129929 Devs you guys need to look into this one. tazz
  • bug #157514 Devs kopete crashes when with privacy plugin enabled. tazz Fixed, see bugreport. Earthwings
  • bug #142463 The autoreplace plugin is not working properly. Fixed, see bugreport. Earthwings
  • bug #114232 [string] bug says wstephenson; has to wait till out of string freeze. Blauzahl
  • bug #159229 Too technical. I don't know if a bug is being reported or if it's just a comment on the code. Aikurn
  • bug #157692 I think this bug has been fixed as originally reported, but investigation of the bug led to some other very unusual theme behaviors. hays
  • bug #158020 I can't reproduce the crash, but the backtrace looks good. Someone with knowledge of the code should probably ask the reporter some questions. hays
  • bug #161668 Fixed in SVN, but waiting for a backport at Dennis Nienhüser's request before it is closed. kwilliam
  • bug #119442 The bug is there, but I cannot reproduce the problem with the special characters Romanesen

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