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Bugs no longer present in 4.x

If a bug is reported against a version of KDE before 4.0, but the bug can no longer be reproduced in KDE 4.x, then it should be listed here. Please do not close the bug. The Konqueror developers would like to check each one before they are closed.

  • bug #150581 no crash because the freedesktop mime-types are readonly. Jtamate
  • bug #150547 Ctrl-X/C/V work again in konqueror dolphin part without introducing delays. Jtamate
  • bug #146004 testcase seems fine cant reproduce katastrophe
    • confirmed. jtamate
  • bug #146016 testcase works fine katastrophe
    • confirmed. jtamate

*bug #145023 - Mouse cursor over scaled input boxes doesn't detect new size. Works for me. Lemma Closed by Maksim.

  • bug #145165 - Axax related error, added a simple testcase. Can't reproduce though :-). Lemma
  • bug #145226 - Form submitted on choosing a file to upload using ENTER on one of the suggestions in the combobox. Can't reproduce. Lemma
  • bug #145244 - Regression, old bug has reappeared: Persistent cookies are treated like session cookies. Can't reproduce. Lemma
  • bug #155936 - Never seen this strange location bar. Jtamate
  • bug #156000 - download speed limit (kget has it already).

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