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Functionality not present or moved out ouf konqueror in 4.x

Add the bug here if it describes something which is not present in 4.x.

  • bug #141246 Can reproduce with 3.5.9 but system:// is not present in kde 4 sahaqiel
  • bug #141400 Followed instructions and it works in 3.5.9. But privacy clean up is not yet present in 4.x sahaqiel
  • bug #155128 mp3 meta-info are not available in konq4 Krop
    • Doesn't JuK do this? Or Akondai? Just guessing here... Blauzahl
  • bug #155209 video file previews are not available in konq4 Krop they are in konq fm, and it spaces evenly in dolphin, so closing Blauzahl
  • bug #155313 applications:/<subdir> doesn't display applications in <subdir> Krop
  • bug #154936 Mounting usb devices doesn't concern konqueror anymore Krop
  • bug #161713 Feature request from kde3 Ramblurr
  • bug #136126 i think there is to "tiles" thing in kde4, i didnt found any evidence katastrophe 06:48, 20 June 2008 (CEST)
  • bug #141630 hm i think there arent these views anymore in konq, right? katastrophe 04:21, 27 June 2008 (CEST)
  • bug #141990 not possible anymore i think katastrophe
  • bug #142498 I think this is completely redone, so closing with REMIND Blauzahl
  • bug #143583 filemanager stuff, fixed i think katastrophe

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