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Bugs needing version field changed

Bugs should be listed here if their version field is invalid (i.e. it is listed as "unspecified") and they are still present in KDE 4, so that the version field can be corrected. In general, we are not changing the version numbers.

If a bug fits another category, put it there and add the notation that the version field needs changing.

  • bug #161414 reported for 3.5.9, but still present. Not sure where else to put this. Ramblurr
    • Normally we'd never change version numbers (that's an amarok-specific thing). Since there were no comments, and it was a test suite, I must have told you to change it to version: svn :D And then tossed the url to devs, and as you'll see, harri commented on it, and they're doing stuff with it. Somewhere you'll find a bug open for the acid3 testsuite as well. It has a long list of updates as things get added, although at this point if you're curious there's a techbase page that has a list of tests that don't pass and more information. Blauzahl

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