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This is a mostly self-contained page for an introduction to triage. At this point, it is ongoing. If you are new, carefully document your work, and do a month or two. Then find grundleborg or blauzahl on irc.

This bug day will take place on Sunday, June 1th 2008, but feel free to start early. The aim of this bug day is to clear as many Konqueror-general bugs as possible. Our target for triage is bugs listed in under the product Konqueror, component General.

The goal of this bug-day is to check for: simple step-by-step instructions, reproducibility, and most of all, come up with test-cases for reproducing the rendering bugs. This will enable the Konqueror developers to deal with bugs more easily, and so have more time left to actually fix them. When you have added either a test-case or step-by-step instructions for the reproduction of a bug, please list it in the appropriate section below, so that a second triager can see if they can get your instructions/test-case to work correctly.

This page provides an excellent explanation of how to create a test-case. This page also has useful information on how to not mis-mark bugs. In particular, "duplicates are hard". Konqueror doesn't have as many duplicates as some applications, and we don't want to claim things are duplicates when they aren't. So do not look too hard for them, and make sure to double check them with someone else, preferably one of the developers before marking/closing.We especially don't want to create more work for developers!

Be sure to join #kde-bugs on, as this is where the bug-day will be coordinated. (You can even join now!)

You should either be working with Konqueror from KDE 4 (either 4.0.3 or newer is best or SVN trunk) for testing these bugs.

Always make a note on the bug of what the status is in the version you are testing with (be explicit as to what version of 4 you are using, mentioning whether it is a source build and which distro the packages come from).


If you come across a bug with a testcase in the text, put it under the testcase section. If it isn't marked "testcase" in the title, make a note of that. Check that the testcase works! (And doesn't work!)

Most importantly, we need to create testcases. These are time-consuming, but extremely useful and really help out developers. These are especially important if it is a site that is either a non-Western language or a site you need some sort of account for.


If something has no clear instructions on how to reproduce it, or has little useful information, add a comment asking the reporter for more detail. Then list it in the bugs awaiting feedback section. Be polite, we want to be nice to our bug reporters!

Is it a big bug?

Prioritizing is good. If a major website doesn't work, that is important. Let's keep track of them.

Version field

Keep an eye on what the "Version:" fields say in Bugzilla. If it says "unspecified", change the version field to match what the report says, i.e. to match version the bug was first reported in. Do not change the version number if it is currently set as a number! (ex. from 3.5.2 to 4.0.2)

Double Check!

Please list bugs here to get a second opinion before making the change in bugzilla. This also gives a record of what we've done for the developers to check.

Keep this page updated!

After adding triaged bugs on this page, you should keep an eye on their bugzilla status. Add yourself on the CC field in bugzilla to be informed about updates. When a bug is closed on bugzilla, it should be updated on this page.

You can do this with the tag <s>...</s>

Update bugzilla

Add your comments even on bugzilla for a more complete feedback by users and developers.


Please select a period of bugs from the Division of Labour section below and mark your name next to it and mark it with your irc nickname to show that you are working on it. When you have completed all the bugs in that section, please mark it as complete.

For each bug, try and reproduce it as described in the report. Then list it in the appropriate section below. If you wish to close or mark as duplicate a bug, please list it here even if you have the bugzilla permissions to do so, in order to get a second opinion from another triager. This will help to reduce the number of incorrect actions taken on bugs.


Tell developers what you are testing with. (If you expect to upgrade between now and BugDay, put what version you are using now next to the bugs/comments that you put on this page.)

Please give distro/version or SVN branch/trunk with revision below:

IRC Nickname KDE version used for testing
Grundleborg svn trunk r808613
jtamate svn trunk r813735
sahaqiel kde 3.5.9 and svn trunk r814651
azuriel kde 3.5.9 and svn trunk r814917
dpalacio Debian/KDE 4.0.80 beta1
Ramblurr svn trunk rev 814918
knusperfrosch kde 3.5.8 and svn trunk rev 815560 818883
Krop svn rev. 815196
katastrophe svn rev. 822279 824835
Frank78ac 3.5.9 and SVN trunk rev. 814843 817665
FiNeX r813587
Blauzahl trunk 823828r825002
gaurav KDE 4.1 Beta1
zarvox SVN rev 823211 827766
hays svn rev. 823139 825096
Please be sure to sign every bug or comment you add to this page with your irc nickname. You can use the wiki markup ~~~ to insert your wiki username automatically (but only do this if it is the same as your IRC nickname, otherwise write your IRC nickname in by hand).

Division of Labour

Please choose a month that is not already taken and then query for all bugs in that month. Please mark you irc nickname in the table below to show which month's bugs you are working on to avoid duplication of effort.

The bugzilla query to use for this triage day can be found here. Be sure to correct the dates to the month which you will triage before running the query.

The most recent months (2008+) should be done by people using recent SVN trunk. In general, the most recent version you can use of 4, the better.

With these more recent bugs, if the report has been looked at by a developer (i.e. they cc'd themself or commented on it or posted a patch), and it seems like the issue is fixed, BUT the developer didn't close it, make sure the bug really can be closed. Often it can't.

Does flash work or not? And other commentary on bugs you come across that have flash in them:

Month/time period No of bugs IRC Nickname Status Query
2006-09-1 22 FiNeX done Query
2006-09-2 21 FiNeX done Query
2006-10-2 23 katastrophe 14:43, 1 June 2008 (CEST) done Query
2006-12-1 18 Frank78ac done Query
2006-12-1 19 FiNeX done Query
2007-01-1 18 Jtamate Done Query
2007-01-2 18 FiNeX done Query
2007-02-1 21 FiNeX done Query
2007-02-2 21 katastrophe 07:48, 20 June 2008 (CEST) done Query
2007-03-1 20 Blauzahl working Query
2007-03-2 20 katastrophe done Query
2007-04-1 19 Query
2007-04-2 18 Query
2007-04-3 20 Query
2007-05-1 17 Query
2007-05-2 17 Query
2007-05-3 19 Query
2007-06-1 24 Query
2007-06-2 25 Query
2007-07-1 18 sahaqiel Done Query
2007-08-1 20 Query
2007-08-2 21 Query
2007-09-1 20 Query
2007-09-2 18 Query
2007-10-1 18 Query
2007-10-2 17 Query
2007-10-3 18 Query
2007-11-1 18 Query
2007-11-2 18 Query
2007-11-3 19 Query
2007-11-4 20 Query
2007-12-1 21 Query
2007-12-2 20 Query
2007-12-3 21 Query
2007-12-4 20 Query
2008-01-1 25 Krop Done bug #155184 left for later Query
2008-01-2 21 Krop wé wé ! Query
2008-01-3 26 Query
2008-01-4 25 Query
2008-02-1 16 Krop done Query
2008-02-2 25 Query
2008-02-3 22 Query
2008-02-4 20 zarvox in progress Query
2008-03-1 22 gaurav Query
2008-03-2 23 hays done Query
2008-03-3 28 knusperfrosch in progress Query
2008-04-1 20 dpalacio In progress Query
2008-04-2 18 knusperfrosch done Query
2008-04-3 19 knusperfrosch done Query
2008-04-4 11 Ramblurr complete Query
2008-05-1 18 Ramblurr complete Query
2008-05-2 19+ Query

(Total bugs 1045)

Completed Bugs

Below lists the various sections for completed bugs. This aids everyone in double checking each other's work. In addition this allows those of us that don't have bugzilla permissions to list bugs so that the folks with the permissions can follow up.

Please note that this is an experimental layout designed to reduce the number of edit conflicts on this page. Each section is its own subpage. The best way to work with this is to enable section editing by going to "My preferences" > "editing" > "Enable section editing via [edit] links". When you click edit you will automatically edit the subpage.

Bugs no longer present in 4.x

If a bug is reported against a version of KDE before 4.0, but the bug can no longer be reproduced in KDE 4.x, then it should be listed here. Please do not close the bug. The Konqueror developers would like to check each one before they are closed.

This is too long to edit; I'm splitting it

*bug #157112 Can't reproduce in trunk Krop

The following bugs are clear wishes that I think are implemented in kde 4.

  • bug #69389 show disk space --Jtamate 15:20, 12 June 2008 (CEST) katastrophe 17:17, 21 June 2008 (CEST)
  • bug #69437 user agent configurable in gui --Jtamate 15:20, 12 June 2008 (CEST)
    • yes, but you cant still add new custom browser identification strings in the gui, i think that was meant (katastrophe?)
      • Edited the title a bit, asked if it was a JJ and moved to "plugin" section while asking if it was one. :) Blauzahl
  • bug #125429 the directory sorting is stored and retrieved in .directory files --Jtamate 15:20, 12 June 2008 (CEST) closed katastrophe 17:29, 21 June 2008 (CEST)
  • bug #134009 the directory sorting is stored and retrieved in .directory files --Jtamate 15:20, 12 June 2008 (CEST) katastrophe 17:17, 21 June 2008 (CEST)
  • bug #53805 ads supression --Jtamate 15:20, 12 June 2008 (CEST) agreed Blauzahl

The following bugs are wishes that looks like bugs instead of wishes.

Ok, I think they're all bugs. Can we verify them? Blauzahl

  • bug #88642 view menu order --Jtamate 15:20, 12 June 2008 (CEST)
    • What shoudl this order be? Is it possible to move the DOM tree viewer into "view"? It's a plugin (possibly from extragear) and shows up under "tools".Blauzahl
  • bug #132780 page with a lot of input boxes is redered slowly --Jtamate 15:20, 12 June 2008 (CEST)
  • bug #136025 slow rendering of tables --Jtamate 15:20, 12 June 2008 (CEST)
    • Can't get testcase to open, didn't that testcase bug get fixed? Blauzahl
      • Ah, was supposed to save as tgz. Still there, moved.Blauzahl
  • bug #137330 do not recognize the mime tipe of mbox file --Jtamate 15:20, 12 June 2008 (CEST)

Bugs needing version field changed

Bugs should be listed here if their version field is invalid (i.e. it is listed as "unspecified") and they are still present in KDE 4, so that the version field can be corrected. In general, we are not changing the version numbers.

If a bug fits another category, put it there and add the notation that the version field needs changing.

  • bug #161414 reported for 3.5.9, but still present. Not sure where else to put this. Ramblurr
    • Normally we'd never change version numbers (that's an amarok-specific thing). Since there were no comments, and it was a test suite, I must have told you to change it to version: svn :D And then tossed the url to devs, and as you'll see, harri commented on it, and they're doing stuff with it. Somewhere you'll find a bug open for the acid3 testsuite as well. It has a long list of updates as things get added, although at this point if you're curious there's a techbase page that has a list of tests that don't pass and more information. Blauzahl

Functionality not present or moved out ouf konqueror in 4.x

Add the bug here if it describes something which is not present in 4.x.

  • bug #141246 Can reproduce with 3.5.9 but system:// is not present in kde 4 sahaqiel
  • bug #141400 Followed instructions and it works in 3.5.9. But privacy clean up is not yet present in 4.x sahaqiel
  • bug #155128 mp3 meta-info are not available in konq4 Krop
    • Doesn't JuK do this? Or Akondai? Just guessing here... Blauzahl
  • bug #155209 video file previews are not available in konq4 Krop they are in konq fm, and it spaces evenly in dolphin, so closing Blauzahl
  • bug #155313 applications:/<subdir> doesn't display applications in <subdir> Krop
    • whoa, whatever this applications:/ stuff is, it exists now Blauzahl
  • bug #154936 Mounting usb devices doesn't concern konqueror anymore Krop
    • should still try with a camera Blauzahl
  • bug #161713 Feature request from kde3 Ramblurr
  • bug #136126 i think there is to "tiles" thing in kde4, i didnt found any evidence katastrophe 06:48, 20 June 2008 (CEST)
  • bug #141630 hm i think there arent these views anymore in konq, right? katastrophe 04:21, 27 June 2008 (CEST)
  • bug #141990 not possible anymore i think katastrophe
  • bug #142498 I think this is completely redone, so closing with REMIND Blauzahl
  • bug #143583 filemanager stuff, fixed i think katastrophe

Bugs with test-cases Added

Bugs with a testcase (an example of how to reproduce the bug), but not [Testcase] in the title, should be entered below.

Bugs with step-by-step instructions

If you have provided step by step instructions on how to reproduce a bug, please list the bug here.

Bugs to be marked as RESOLVED

Bugs filed against KDE 4 (ie, only very recent ones) that can no longer be reproduced should be listed here. Bugs filed against earlier versions of KDE that can no longer be reproduced should be listed in the section above.

Bugs to be marked as INVALID

Bugs which are no longer valid go here. A link to the bug and why it qualifies as invalid should be provided.

Some examples of when a bug should be closed as INVALID:

  • The reported behavior is not a bug
  • The bug is completely unrelated to KDE

This list is not exhaustive. If you feel a bug is invalid for any other reason, be sure to list it here, mentioning why you think it is invalid.

  • bug #141189 I don't find any pdf in the link provided, cannot test. sahaqiel
  • bug #141125 site has changed, and doesn't work well with konq 3.5.9 . Another bug report should be opened for 3.5.9 because I think it's an important site. sahaqiel
  • bug #161106 It's not a bug, it's a feature... knusperfrosch
  • bug #138407 Bug in the page, not in Konqueror. Sorry I closed it without anyone double-checking - I spent so much time analyzing it I just couldn't resist. Frank78ac
  • bug #159592 This bug contains grossly insufficient information to diagnose. hays
    • not enough info, no user feedback, marked as INVALID dtritscher
  • bug #159627 This bug contains grossly insufficient information to diagnose. hays
    • closed by blauzahl

Bugs to be marked as DUPLICATE

Duplicates found should be placed here with a link to the bug which you think it is a duplicate of.

Bugs needing users with particular setups

Bugs that require particular software or hardware that you don't have available should be listed here with a description of the non-standard requirement.

Non english locales

Bugs requiring non-English locales should be listed here, along with the locale they require.

Bugs needing attention from Konqueror developers

Add bugs here if you need to find out whether the observed behavior is intended, or if there's some other reason that it would be useful for a Konqueror developer to take a look. Make sure you indicate why the bug needs attention from them.

Always defer policy decisions to developers.

  • bug #160515serious accessibility issue dpalacio
  • bug #160514 see above
  • bug #161409 provided test cases demonstrate the bug. bug is a security concern. Ramblurr
  • bug #133948 POST issue, needed to be checked from devs. FiNeX
  • bug #141564 Konqueror,when moving files, first starts preparing the move, only after checking all files, it will check for problems in destination. Is this a bug or feature? sahaqiel
  • bug #131268 Focus to the menu with Alt, only works sometimes if using a specific letter, like Alt+F for File, and not just pressing Alt . Is this by design? sahaqiel
  • bug #141028 Didn't check this bug because it envolves logging in as root, and permissions are lost, is this even a bug if it means using root? sahaqiel
  • bug #141101 This bug happens after a long time using Konqueror (3.5.x). It stalls for a while, which means it could be cache related. Could even just be linux related for all i know. sahaqiel
    • I bugged the user, since I don't think I've come across it. Could it have anything to do with 64bit stuff, since they mention it?Blauzahl
  • bug #134382 Mime-type problem. Probably a misconfiguration and KDE was not able to manage the situation correctly. FiNeX
  • bug #161676 an API question Ramblurr
  • bug #154921 Incomplete datas when validating SSL certificates. May cause unexpected authorizations Krop
  • bug #138906 multiple DNS request issue. FiNeX
  • bug #157327 timeouts that *only* happen with NAT + konqueror Krop
  • bug #140290 SVG support still missing on KDE 4. Konqueror 3.5.9 still crash on a specific webpage. FiNeX
  • bug #141101 Konqueror became slow with many tabs opened. FiNeX
  • bug #160339 sftp unable to go up from home directory if a directory is not specified dpalacio
  • bug #160407 Cannot split multiple times. Is this the intended behavior? dpalacio
  • bug #161090 userdefined stylesheets are not processed knusperfrosch
  • bug #161094 charset issue with utf-8/hebrew knusperfrosch
  • bug #123573 should be checked if it has been fixed in svn? knusperfrosch
  • bug #138328 Thumbnails in PNG format sometimes have a similar or even larger file size than the original image in JPG. Reporter suggests to use JPG thumbnails in these cases. Devs should decide if it's worth the effort or if it's WONTFX. Frank78ac
  • bug #160166 color scheme polishing knusperfrosch
  • bug #159922 konqueror/dolphinpart file select knusperfrosch
  • bug #163330 konq mainwindow resize by popup. annoying! knusperfrosch
  • bug #135721 suboptimal behaviour when deleting many files katastrophe 05:49, 20 June 2008 (CEST)
  • bug #135757 the in-page position isnt remembered at all, should it? katastrophe 06:02, 20 June 2008 (CEST)
  • bug #159476 there seems to be a history with this bug. However, I was able to reproduce the user's problem on trunk.
  • bug #142608 Spellcheck usability. I agree it could be more intutitive. cf bug #111344 Blauzahl
  • bug #142523 i actually have this account, at least for a bit longer. kwallet stuff, cc'd to lemmaBlauzahl
  • bug #142553 ssl stuff, not sure if this is the right behavior or not Blauzahl

Bugs awaiting feedback

NB. Feedback should only be requested for bugs if you have tried and failed to reproduce them or if the report contains insufficient information to try and reproduce the bug. Requesting feedback for a bug should be seen as a last resort only.

Bugs for which feedback has been requested, which should be revisited in 30 days to see if there's any response. Please list all bugs here for which feedback has been requested.

  • bug #139327 Waiting for feedback. FiNeX
  • bug #139386 I'm not able to reproduce the bug, asked confirmation to the reporter. FiNeX
    • Closed.
  • bug #139450 Waiting for feedback. FiNeX
  • bug #139410 The bug seems fixed. asked to the report for confirmation. FiNeX
  • bug #141269 I don't know if this is invalid or not, but since Gmail defaults to Basic HTML, konqueror needs to set browser id to firefox2, which in kde 3.5.9 I don't have the option for and I believe trunk needs to have extragear or playground aditional packages, so I asked if it still happens. sahaqiel
  • bug #157419 feedback asked monthes ago. bug closed. Krop
  • bug #157250 feedback asked monthes ago. bug closed. Krop

Bugs not related to today

Bugs that are not related to today's target application should be listed here so they can be reassigned to the correct bugzilla product.

Bugs that you can't do

If you have bugs in your month that you can't do, and no-one has been able to help you with on IRC, please list them here for someone else to have a look at.

  • bug #139628 Do not have wheel mouse. And It eats 100% CPU with the javascript clock in a PII 200Mhz. Jtamate
  • bug #139700 Looks like I do not have mng compiled in qt. Jtamate katastrophe 05:03, 20 June 2008 (CEST) hm i compiled qt-gui with mng but still doesnt render
  • bug #139789 The configuration screen is not good at 800x600, I miss some options. Jtamate
  • bug #161443 I suspect i am using khtmlimage and not gvpart Ramblurr
  • bug #139648 I do not have a working java here. Jtamate
  • bug #139673 Can not see all the ssl configuration. Jtamate
  • bug #139698 Computer too slow :-( Jtamate
  • bug #141222 Test case is in a CSS example, I don't understand much about that, so I can't test it myself. sahaqiel
  • bug #134733 CIFS needed for testing. FiNeX
  • bug #138246 I can confirm this in 3.5.9, but flash doesn't work for me in trunk. Frank78ac
  • bug #141525 I don't know how to launch flash in another tab, and if I press f11 while watching the video, the video evaporates ( maybe another bug ). sahaqiel
  • bug #157195 Need someone with 2 separate folders for kde3 apps and kde4 ones (konq_history) Krop
  • bug #157251 Need someone with a facebook account (konq_history) Krop
  • bug #157212 can't read a flv file within konqueror Krop
  • bug #160442 don't have ftp server at the moment dpalacio
  • bug #160481 I do not have that feature dpalacio
  • bug #160552 I do not have neither Flash nor KDE 3.x at the moment dpalacio
  • bug #160897 need to be able to read/speak polish knusperfrosch
  • bug #160759 can't do since i have my samba-server doesn't support any charset containing that characters knusperfrosch
  • bug #161003 no idea knusperfrosch
  • bug #161215 no idea knusperfrosch
  • bug #161240 don't have a ftp-server that can handle users with more than 8 characters (damn old machine ;) ) knusperfrosch
  • bug #160959 windows-users report that the bug still exists on that platform but can't confirm on gentoo knusperfrosch
    • Sounds specific to the port. I changed OS field to be MS Windows and set this to "new", we should find out what the email address of the windows port mailing list is and send it to there, since they don't tend to look at bz.Blauzahl
  • bug #138578 - Confirmed that menus are covered in 3.5.9, but menus are covered by flash stuff in Firefox 3 Beta 5 too, so I guess it's an error in the page. However, Konqueror has only two menus (Teams, Shop), Firefox has more. Can't test on trunk (flash). Frank78ac
  • bug #138583 - don't have a zip drive. Frank78ac
  • bug #160177 need a windows machine knusperfrosch
  • bug #160163 need koffice (not installed here) knusperfrosch
  • bug #138813 confirmed on 3.5.9/Kubuntu 8.04. However, I don't have a search bar in trunk and couldn't find a way to activate it :-( Frank78ac
  • bug #135607 dns and timeout issue, dont know katastrophe 04:33, 20 June 2008 (CEST)
  • bug #135596 cant do till the nasty proxy settings bug is resolved (blauzahls page) katastrophe 06:13, 20 June 2008 (CEST)
  • bug #135816 i have no media:/ kioslave (where is it?) katastrophe 06:16, 20 June 2008 (CEST)
  • bug #136082 svg stuff katastrophe 16:23, 21 June 2008 (CEST)
    • All ksvg stuff is obsolete in 4, keep open for votokarev's new stuff, cc tsjoker at gmail Blauzahl
  • bug #159413 it has instructions to reproduce, but I'm not sure how to reproduce it. I think it might require a usb stick? hays
  • bug #159616 I think I need some sort of HAL/Dbus setup. to reproduce this. hays
  • bug #159714 Between this report being incoherent and me not having a good grasp of all the features of previous Konq versions, I can't tell what to do with this bug. hays
  • bug #141596 testcase and webserver needed, not very hard katastrophe 04:09, 27 June 2008 (CEST)
  • bug #141741 webserver needed and little testcase katastrophe
  • bug #141905 shortcut settings in konq are messed up katastrophe
  • bug #142473 samba I don't understand Blauzahl
  • bug #143226 cant do, if i pull network plug i loose connection to my testing machine :p
  • bug #143395 no idea how to reproduce
  • bug #143527 unsure if that could be a wish or design issue
  • bug #142357 kwallet and cookies on mulitple databases; need an account on there ( or need something appropriate... Don't think this exists anymore though.Blauzahl
  • bug #142399 preview files needed (psd,flv,asf)Blauzahl
  • bug #144172 needs new testcase, no idea how to build one dtritscher
  • bug #143930 hth to test? you have to fill a drive Blauzahl
  • bug #143856 the movie doesn't show up, everything else does in the archive; main page looks fine. to close or not....? Blauzahl
  • bug #143884 needs testcase? or someone should grab Maks and ask if there's a reason he put his name on this bug and if he wants to keep it Blauzahl
  • bug #143699 huh?
  • bug #143702 needs locales Blauzahl

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