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Functionality not present in 4.x

Add the bug here if it describes something which is not present in 4.x.

  • bug #100133 - confirmed in 3.5.9, does not apply to 4.x since Konqueror now uses dolphinpart Talavis
  • bug #121092 - does not apply to 4.x since treeview is not present jtamate
  • bug #96166 - resolved in 3.5.9, unable to find the setting in 4.x Talavis
  • bug #93333 - the autoload function is not present in 4.0.4. Szotsaki
  • bug #92178 - confirmed in 3.5.9, but 4.0.4 doesn't include equivalent functionality. Jannex
  • bug #97614 - confirmed in 3.5.9, still resists in Dolphin (does it work with FAM enabled?), so probably have to file a bug there as well. Talavis
  • bug #94195 - There is no (built-in) Find tab exists in 4.0.4. Szotsaki
  • bug #96704 - no previews in Konq 4?, still there in 3.5.9, works in Dolphin. talavis

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