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Bugs with test-cases Added

Bugs with a testcase (an example of how to reproduce the bug), but not [Testcase] in the title, should be entered below.

  • bug #121792 - Just change the strings from "Show close buttons on tabs" to "Show close buttons on tabs. Needs Konqueror restart". jtamate
  • bug #122833 - Even the SCROLLBAR-BASE-COLOR CSS Property is an extension by M$, SCROLLBAR-ARROW-COLOR is working properly.. jtamate
  • bug #122837 - It recognizes folders, archives and good symbolic links, but with bad symbolic links, the message is not very descriptive. jtamate
  • bug #122667 - Must the fonts with 0p not be rendered (as is done in other browsers) or must they have at least 1p? This is a valid way to intepret an ambiguity in the HTML spectification. As you know, W3C is working on HTML 5. I think it is the right time to ask for a clarification in this aspect and others ambiguities that you have seen in HTML over the years. jtamate
  • bug #124328 - Firefox only adds a single entry, and Opera adds every single entry to his back button, but only adds a single entry to his rewind button. Konky adds every single entry to his back button. jtamate
  • bug #124482 - Tried with cups (first) and apache (second), and apache shows the cups favicon. jtamate
  • bug #125156 - Even with fish:// it does not calculates rightly the total bytes to copy. jtamate
  • bug #107957 - still reproducible in 3.5.9 and trunk, added a testcase, getting filename from content-disposition if the filename is formed like an URL. lemma
  • bug #109217 - still problem with 3.5.9 - causes Crash on svn trunk r808533 ecki 13:37, 18 May 2008 (CEST)
  • bug #143573 - Files with long lines of utf8 characters are recognized as binary files. (Exists a spanish book in one line.) jtamate

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