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*{{Bug|124209}} - I haven't got Samba server installed. [[User:jtamate|jtamate]]
*{{Bug|124209}} - I haven't got Samba server installed. [[User:jtamate|jtamate]]
*{{Bug|123865}} - I do not have OOo to check (which version?). [[User:jtamate|jtamate]]

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Bugs needing users with particular setups

Bugs that require particular software or hardware that you don't have available should be listed here with a description of the non-standard requirement.

  • bug #122601 - although it seems to be fixed, it should be checked near midnight once more. jtamate
  • bug #94084 - I haven't got Samba or CUPS server installed. Szotsaki ** Moved to Not present in kde 4 (I have cups installed) jtamate

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