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Bugs needing attention from Konqueror developers

Add bugs here if you need to find out whether the observed behavior is intended, or if there's some other reason that it would be useful for a Konqueror developer to take a look. Make sure you indicate why the bug needs attention from them.

Always defer policy decisions to developers.

  • bug #121608 - I can reproduce the bug with Konqueror 4.0.4 with Flash Player 10 beta - Szotsaki
  • bug #92192 - Should the user be able to locate toolbar under the statusbar? Jannex
  • bug #94976 - This reproducible bug has a km long comment list, started from Dec 2004. Szotsaki
  • bug #96297 - reported as a security bug; the testcase leads to an error page at secunia talavis

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