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Bugs that you can't do

If you have bugs in your month that you can't do, and no-one has been able to help you with on IRC, please list them here for someone else to have a look at.

  • bug #122947 - very confused about this one. Grundleborg
  • bug #73765 - related to proxy settings, which are not working in kde 4 at the moment. DanielW
  • bug #80404 - still present in 3.5.9, but a recent SVN doesn't seem to support MNG images azuriel
  • bug #83326 - I can kind of recreate this bug but it seems like a Quanta bug not a Konq bug. Ask Lemma for more info as per his 04-06-2008 comment xKLAATUx
  • bug #140895 - someone having a NTFS-3g setup is needed. Med
  • bug #140925 - someone with an account at is needed. Med
  • bug #140792 - someone using MythTV is needed. Med

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