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Bugs awaiting feedback

NB. Feedback should only be requested for bugs if you have tried and failed to reproduce them or if the report contains insufficient information to try and reproduce the bug. Requesting feedback for a bug should be seen as a last resort only.

Bugs for which feedback has been requested, which should be revisited in 30 days to see if there's any response. Please list all bugs here for which feedback has been requested.

  • bug #132350 - The link in the bug does not exists any more. Asked the bug autor for a new link. jtorres
  • bug #157423 - 3 people tested with newer versions and none had a problem. Seems fixed. Waiting for confirmation from the author.
  • bug #140830 the file filtering does not seem to be implemented in SVN which means for now i cannot try to reproduce the bug. I have filed bug #161626 reporting this. If the feature has been removed on purpose, bug #140830 can be marked as invalid, otherwise the bug has to be fixed before trying to reproduce the bug. Med

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