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Bugs that you can't do

If you have bugs in your month that you can't do, and no-one has been able to help you with on IRC, please list them here for someone else to have a look at.

Just stumped

  • bug #113215 - can't figure this one out. Text does not match in any browser.
  • bug #123552 - Change components? If so to what? Nixeagle
  • bug #124497 - I don't know what [alt] is even supposed to do. What is the bug?
  • bug #123552 - Philrod notes that he has seen something like this: the way to reproduce is you go to a website and open a text file, embedded in konqueror. Then you go to the address bar and enter some actual web site (say, It loads the website in the text component.

Test case needed

  • bug #112943 Support of CSS page-context "@page"
  • bug #115909 -- something that replicates the effect of pushing the "larger" link and makes all text on the page bigger?
    • As much of a test case as that bug needs has been produced.
  • bug #116957 -- Fairly complex, involves js in what appears to be multiple files, as well as running je-debugger,
  • bug #160459 Java script menu seems to cause infinite long page
  • bug #160784 Problem somewhere between form submission and redirect (link is not valid)
  • bug #146508 - This sucker needs a testcase. Blauzahl

Can't test


  • bug #115515 Bug still occurs, folks on that report seem stumped.
  • bug #124193 XLST not supported by konq, so what do we do with this?
    • grundleborg recommends asking the devs, so that is where this one goes. Nixeagle

Doing later

  • bug #102307 - Server was reporting wrong encoding, the page does not exist. Cannot test, need a webserver.
  • bug #102136 - Patch in testing, needs complete test case.
  • bug #101340 - Provided testcase does not work in 4.0.3. However, #8 says it works in 3.5.6.
  • bug #102443 - Comment #4 reports bad js code, probably can be closed.
  • bug #100743 - Issue regarding kwallet with http_auth. Cannot test.
  • bug #155017 - Need access to printer.
  • bug #142402 - kopete khtml bug, not related??? will have to ask someone Blauzahl
  • bug #147338 valid bug. I know this is a dup... find it later
first-line testcase Blauzahl


  • bug #149388 - I have no server available (and know no other way to test), so cannot test whether GET is sent again when choosing open with.
  • bug #148570 - I do not know enough about web coding to test.


  • bug #150021 - I neither use kmail nor understand the stack trace, so cannot test.
    • Moved this to 'Bugs not related to today' because it is a KMail bug not related to Konqueror. Frank78ac
  • bug #149918 - Page keeps on randomly timing outfor me, even in firefox, so cannot test.
  • bug #149771 - I have no idea what dev and reporter are talking about, so cannot test.
  • bug #149625 - I do not know enough about KDE programming to create a testcase

bug #151360 - Anyone knowing anything about XMLHTTPRequest.status? bug #150646 - a video showing the problem is available, however I'm unable to test it. Talavis

bug #104423 - no idea how to reproduce this bug?!?! Grundleborg


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