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KWin bugs that need attention from developers

If anything is in doubt, put it here, and give a description of why you think a developer should look at it.

  • bug #172649 - I do not know what to do with this bug. I've used foobar2000 and didn't saw this happening. But what I've seen is that parts of foobar2000 sometimes get black background when switching from using desktop effects to not using them. Jtamate
  • bug #182245 - two bugs at once: wobbly + shadow is slow on an EeePC; turning on the shadow effect doesn't add shadows to existing windows. However enabling the wobbly effect afterwards adds shadows to all existing windows. Lemma
  • bug #182500 - This was originally meant for the KWin developers. Something about wine which only seems to be a problem with the KDE3 version. I guess it might be closed but I'm not sure so some dev should have a look at it. Lemma
  • bug #183680 - I can reproduce this bug: Enable paint effect and enable always keep thumbnails. Then open ksysguard and minimize it. Still KWin marks the areas ksysguard was in repainted. mgraesslin said he wanted to look into the code, so maybe this is not a bug after all (or just a minor one with the paint effect). Lemma
  • bug #184059 - talks about performance degradation with certain fullscreen OpenGL applications and desktop effects. Judging from a KWin developer comment this might actually be INVALID but needs rechecking. Lemma
  • bug #186964 - this is something about _NET_WM_USER_TIME which I frankly don't have a clue about. Lubos commented on it but I wouldn't know how to check if this is actually a bug. Lemma

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