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Application specific tips

At Beta5 the state of KWord is that the application has been stabilized to a large extend and all present features should work with small exceptions. The loading and saving of documents has not received a lot of attention and therefor it is well known that there will be loads of problems in loading ODFs. So testing KWord by loading may give you some silly results beware of that. And I'd rather have interaction and new document creation be the focus of testing due to that. (ThomasZ)


Please put your IRC nickname and KOffice svn revision number (or beta5) in the table if you are testing this app.

IRC Nickname KOffice svn revision number tested Testing details


Please list all bugs found in the application below here. Remember to sign every comment you write on this wiki page with ~~~.

  • After starting kword, with the colorful document, the default tool is Text Editing, without doing anything else, when I choose Paragraph tool, the options bars suffer a little colapse. Look at:
    Kword toolbar1.png

NOTE: It happens also with a lot of tools.
NOTE: This only happens with the colorful document, with a blank document it does not happen.

  • The tool toolbar can not be horizontally srinked to only one or two tools (specially usefull on small screens). Jtamate

NOTE: This only happens with one user account (that has used previous betas), with a fresh new account it does not happen.

  • The zoom options toolbar is not painted totally. Look at:

Zoom options.png

  • The zoom options toolbar does not select the default tool (zoom in or zoom out). Jtamate
  • Find does nothing. Hope the find interface will change to something similar to what kate has. Jtamate
  • The hand drawing plots are not saved (or loaded). What I wrote:

Screen with free hand drawings.png
But only the text is restored. If there are some things that can not be saved or restored, it should be shown when saving the file.Jtamate

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