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Application specific tips

Krita is not top priority today, but if you find problems during triaging, add them here.


Please put your IRC nickname and KOffice svn revision number (or beta2) in the table if you are testing this app.

IRC Nickname KOffice svn revision number tested Testing details
jtamate svn trunk r874912 working
Lemma svn trunk r875799 working


Please list all bugs found in the application below here. Remember to sign every comment you write on this wiki page with ~~~.

  • Hint. Krita initial page to create a new RGB picture does not fit in an 800x600 screen because the left selection (cmyk, rgb...) and the use this template are just one line bellow where they could be. Jtamate
  • Hint. Krita config screen for color managemt does not fit in an 800x600 screen by one line displacement on the screen top. Jtamate
  • Bug. The help|Change language option is missing. Jtamate
  • bug #173584 - Opening the testcase of bug #137702 crashes krita. Lemma
  • bug #173589 - Create a new image, draw something, delete the layer -> image still visible, even after adding a new layer. Lemma
  • bug #173591 - Crash on creating a new file after previously closing the last open one. Lemma
  • bug #173590 - wish. no visual feedback on progress when opening a ps file in Krita. Lemma

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