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Bugs to be marked as RESOLVED

Bugs that are no longer reproducible and have been fixed already go into this section. After they are double-checked they can be closed.

  • bug #156991 The bug seems fixed. I'm not able to reproduce it. Saving an opened email (.mbox) as draft doesnt crash Kmail. Someone should double check this, maybe with another IMAP server, for example. I've used dovecot 1.0.15. FiNeX
  • bug #156653 The bug seems fixed on trunk (I don't know if it has been fixed on latest 3.5). I'm not able to reproduce it. FiNeX
  • bug #156298 Even this is fixed on trunk but I don't know if it has been fixed on latest 3.5. I'm able to drag/drop URIs from emails. FiNeX
  • bug #156190 Another bug less: when kmail crash just after restoring a draft, the draft is no lost anymore like 3.5. FiNeX
  • bug #166078 There is a progressbar when checking what the server supports. Jtamate Could reproduce bug with trunk. Moved to "Step-by-Step-instructions".dtritscher 22:04, 10 April 2009 (UTC)
  • bug #89457 - Tries to create groupware servers even if they are already there (Exchange). Can't reproduce on r948809. Lemma
  • bug #161306 Replying to mails works fine even if the sender is on the form "name [name] <>". FiNeX
  • bug #161064 No more reproducible on KDE4: message list has been rewritten and now it works differently. FiNeX
  • bug #160990 Bug not reproducible using trunk. Scrolling the email works correctly even with attachments. FiNeX
  • bug #159438 - Can't paste into mail body. WORKSFORME. tmcguire had the same resolution. Lemma
  • bug #159489 - Wrong folder sort order with specific locale. WORKSFORME. had already been unreproducible for other commenter. Lemma
  • bug #159998 - Signature with tabs showing up wrong. WORKSFORME. had already been unreproducible for other commenter. Lemma
  • bug #161863 Re-sending an email sent with a identity whic is not the default one, works fine on trunk. FiNeX
  • bug #161912 Kmail doesn't crash anymore in the particular case specified. FiNeX
  • bug #160783 - Can't import thunderbird mails. Can't reproduce (was never confirmed). Lemma
  • bug #162839 - find messages: outdated info about number of scanned emails - the find dialog does not display this information anymore in kde4.2.1 lytenyn
  • bug #146247 Developer+commit claims to have fixed the bug. I can't reproduce as I don't have a ldap resource. No one else replied ever. (should this be in the "feedback" list?) Dario_Andres
  • bug #162430 Moving a lot of emails doesn't freeze kmail on my PC. Asked some details to the reporter. FiNeX
  • bug #162660 Cannot reproduce on KDE4. The mail address is rightly printed on the mail header information pane. FiNeX
  • bug #162736 Deleting a folder containing subolfeder works as expected (on a Dovecot IMAP server). FiNeX
  • bug #166585 Disconnecting kmail from the IMAP server, doesn't crash it (I've removed the network patch cable and changed the IP). FiNeX
  • bug #146782 Has been working for me for many months now. Could also be an exim bug, but not sure. gkiagia
  • bug #146815 Works on trunk: distribution lists are displayed on the "select addresses" dialog. FiNeX
  • bug #147026 Folder navigation works fine, anyway it has been rewritten since KDE 3.5, so the reported bug probably is not valid for KDE 4. FiNeX
  • bug #147411 - Important column resizes if removing the last important mark. No longer reproducible. Lemma
  • bug #147464 - Can't choose HTML representation without mouse. There's a shortcut for that now. Lemma
  • bug #161528 - some emails from launchpad not sorting right. odd bug, I can't duplicate it. asked for one of the emails that did sort right Blauzahl
  • bug #147943 - Crash on reading mail with an invalid Content-type. Not reproducible for me. Lemma
  • bug #148509 - Ctrl+Ins works the same as Ctrl+C in the plain text viewer. Lemma
  • bug #148872 - Plain & showing up as & in message list tooltip. Not reproducible my me and Martin. Lemma
  • bug #148879 - Encrypted attachments lost in the "sent mail" folder. Not reproducible for me. Lemma
  • bug #148896 - Unsatisfying error dialog on sending an encrypted mail to an untrusted recipient. Not reproducible for me. Lemma
  • bug #148479 - Forwarding to distribution lists works fine on trunk. dtritscher 11:44, 5 April 2009 (UTC)
  • bug #151919 - Works properly on KDE4.3trunk. The report is filed against the enterprise branch , should this be closed? (as that branch is supported by kolab)
  • bug #150667 Can't reproduce on 1.9.10. Assuming the patch mentioned by one of the commenter might have made it to the ent branch as well. Ruchir
  • bug #171735 - Kmail 1.11.2 no longer asks to save to addressbook to send encrypted message. Ruchir

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