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* {{Bug|151107}} - Requires courier IMAP server. [[User:Ruchir|Ruchir]]
* {{Bug|151107}} - Requires courier IMAP server. [[User:Ruchir|Ruchir]]
* {{Bug|151237}} - Requires crm114. [[User:Ruchir|Ruchir]]

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Bugs that you can't do

If you have bugs in your batch that you can't do, and no-one has been able to help you with on IRC, please list them here for someone else to have a look at.

  • bug #160264 This bug seems to involve sending a special (invalid?) mailserver (I assume IMAP) response, which I cannot do. Perhaps we should ask for more information, but I do not feel competent enough to do so. lytenyn
  • bug #146346 The provided testcase isn't shown OK on KMail so I can't test what the reporter states. Dario_Andres
    • Escalated -- see my note in "bugs needing dev attention". CondorDes
  • bug #163638 - Needs S/MIME working. Mine isn't and I'd rather leave this to someone whose does instead of fiddling around for an hour :-). Lemma
  • bug #166186 Kmail crashes, it could be interesting if and how is possible to reproduce it. FiNeX
    • Reported against KDE 3. Could not reproduce in KDE 4. CondorDes
  • bug #146994 Kmail crash after quitting kopete (KDE 3.5.7) I've asked some months ago how to reproduce it. No reply. Probably it is no more reproducible on KDE 4. FiNeX
    • Since it's not reproducible, moving to RESOLVED. CondorDes
  • bug #164578 - Specific to IMAP mailbox on Lotus Domino server. I don't have a Domino server. Lemma
  • bug #147839 - Permissions on shared folders not obeyed. I don't have shared folders. Lemma
  • bug #148835 - Concerns sending of MDNs. Needs POP accounts and some identities for testing. Lemma
  • bug #149060 - Needs an IMAP server which uses the mbox storage format. Don't have one. Lemma
  • bug #150886 - Are domain names even allowed to have umlauts? Not sure what to do with this. CondorDes
    • Apparently they have allowed UTF-8 for the past few years. Blauzahl
  • bug #170076 - Can't reproduce myself but reporter mentioned that he can reproduce on trunk so need someone on trunk to test this. Ruchir
  • bug #150638 - Requires ability to restart imap server. I don't have access to gmail servers :P. Ruchir

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