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Bugs that are reproducible but don't fit the categories above

Bugs that are reproducible but don't fit in the "testcase" or "step-by-step instruction" categories can be listed here. This is usually aplicable for smaller issue that are easy to reproduce and therefore doesn't essentially need a testcase or more detailed instructions.

  • bug #71408 Reproducable. Apps are not embedded in kontact if they are running externally. gkiagia
  • bug #72269 Still reproducable. KMail jumps to the desktop that kontact was started. gkiagia
  • bug #135989 Reproducable. Appointments appear and disappear on each synchronization. gkiagia
  • bug #80419 Needs somebody with a contact with a German zipcode. JontheEchidna Wrong order of ZIP/City for german locale on printing. Reproducible in 4.1.1. Lemma
  • bug #152704 - To-dos in "What's Next" view unclickable. Still reproducible in trunk r865573. Lemma
  • bug #100093 - Cannot reproduce using ftp protocol on remote calendar, instead using fish I've got a different type of crash (which I reported on another bug report). FiNeX
  • bug #153966 - Needs the newexchange resource which currently isn't ready (being replaced). I asked the reporter if the bug is still reproducible for him. Problem is still reproducible for him - probably KDE3. Lemma
  • bug #97371 Partially reproducable (popup notes is not correctly aligned in summary view) but very minor issue. gkiagia
  • bug #99709 Reproducable. This was triaged again in the kmail day 1 and jtamate said it was not reproducable, but I can reproduce it now. gkiagia
  • bug #74363 Still reproducable. Will be fixed when kmail and korganizer are ported to akonadi. (Maybe close with RESOLVED, LATER ?) gkiagia

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