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Application specific tips

any application specific tips go here.


Please put your IRC nickname and KDE PIM svn revision number in the table if you are testing this app.

IRC Nickname KDE PIM svn revision number tested. Testing details
Grundleborg svn trunk r803492 not tested yet
lemma svn trunk r810685 I can't find any more right now. Trying to fix simple stuff myself.


Please list all bugs found in the application below here. Remember to sign every comment you write on this wiki page with ~~~.

  • Missing icon "Followup to Newsgroup" in the toolbar, Lemma
    • I propose using the mail-reply-all icon [patch], Lemma FIXED
  • Layout problems on config dialog Settings -> Reading News -> General and Settings -> Posting News -> Composer if the settings dialog is sized to its minimum size and if using Oxygen. Lemma</s>
    • Works fine using Plastique as style. Lemma
    • The Reading News -> General settings dialog is just too big vertically. Maybe reordering the "Article List" section to span two columns would be an option. Lemma FIXED
  • Layout problems in the "Add new NNTP server" dialog (screenshot) when using Oxygen, works with Plastique. Lemma
    • This is NOT a knode bug but either an oxygen or a Qt one. Lemma
    • It's a Qt one. Currently fixed in qt-copy. Lemma
  • Missing icon for nntp servers in the list in Settings -> Accounts -> Newsgroup Servers, Lemma
    • Icon is set to "server" instead of the proper "network-server" [patch], Lemma FIXED
  • It's very confusing to have Settings -> Identityand Accounts -> Newsgroup Servers -> Edit... -> Identity. There's no indication General Identity settings will override per Server Identity settings if none are configured. Lemma
  • When launching an external editor on composing the message/button locking the internal editor is not layout properly (Screenshot). Lemma FIXED
  • Selecting "Start External Editor" launches the editor but knode doesn't detect when the external editor is being closed (I'm using kwrite). There doesn't seem to be an automatic way of getting back the edited text into the knode composer either. Lemma FIXED
    • On closing the editor only the first line of text is copied back to the composer Lemma FIXED
  • On clicking the "Kill external editor" button the editor disappears but the internal editor displays previously coloured text (eg. for quoted parts) using the standard text colour. Proper colours are restored on focusing the internal editor. Lemma
    • On clicking "Kill external editor" knode crashes if the editor is still running, backtrace, [proposed patch], Lemma
    • the patch also handles destroying the composer (by closing the window while the external editor ist still running) though my solution seems a little clumsy. Lemma
    • JakubS provided a better [patch] Lemma FIXED
  • The main toolbar has a right-arrow for "Next Unread Article" and an arrow pointing left for "Next Unread Thread". This is pretty confusing (especially in standard config they point at each other). Lemma
  • When composing a new post or posting a followup I get two buttons to toggle in the toolbar, one being "Send News Article" the other being "Send Email" but they can't be toggled (can be clicked though). It would be better to not show or disable buttons that don't do anything. Lemma FIXED
  • knode crashes when deleting a post from within the composer (eg. a draft), backtrace. Lemma FIXED
  • if printing with fancy headers there's a strange visual error on the right border of the header, kind of like an extra "white line", printed pdf, Lemma
  • if selecting multiple posts it isn't clear which of the posts gets printed (I got the impression all of the selected ones were printed but it seems to print the one shown in the preview pane), Lemma
  • In "Standard headers" or "all headers" mode the header name seems to stick too close to the header content. This might be a style decision but I would have expected a whitespace in between, screenshot, Lemma
  • I'm not sure which rules are used to layout the status bars but it looks strange (screenshot) and if too small truncates information it would have had enough place to show (screenshot), Lemma
  • The column for "unread messages" gets its header truncated on showing it even if there would be plenty of space to fully show it, screenshot, Lemma
  • When clicking "Next Unread Thread" if there is no such thread the folder is switched to "Local Folders". I would have expected the "Next Unread Thread" button to be disabled in such a case. Lemma
    • Actually it's possible to phrase this more general: If you click on the "Next Unread Thread" toolbar button and if there is no next unread thread in the current account, the folder view switches to the next top-level folder, be that the next account or "Local Folders", Lemma
  • "Watch Thread" and "Ignore Thread" are not context sensitive. If you selected a watched or ignored thread and want to disable watching or ignoring you have to select "Watch Thread" or "Ignore Thread" again. This is unintuitive and would be better made a context-sensitive toggle. Lemma
    • I guess this is actually meant like that as it's based on scoring the articles (setting lowest score/settings highest score). Lemma
  • Revoked messages appear in the article list but can not be viewed. screenshot, Lemma
    • This seems to only hold true for messages whose header has been loaded but body hasn't. Lemma
  • Searching messages using the search dialog shows found messages in the main window's article view. On closing the search dialog this list is reset to show the folder's messages. This makes it hard to browse through found articles on small form-factor display. Lemma
  • The toggle action View -> Show/Hide Threads changes its label additionally to its toggle state. I think stylewise it should be one or the other but not both (I'd opt for changing the toggle state and not changing the label). Lemma
  • I couldn't figure out what Groups -> Reorganize Group is supposed to do. The manual says "Rebuilds the article view by using the configured sortings" but that doesn't really make it clear either. Lemma
    • Yeah, I know about hard- and string-freeze, but I'm running out of bugs I'm finding :-) Lemma
  • In the settings there's various descriptive text to help with certain placeholders that the user can use. Some of them are verbatim and some are shown as a tooltip (if the user presses Shift-F1). It would be gould (and would make some dialogs smaller) if all such helping labels were tooltips: Lemma
    • Reading News -> General -> Date Display -> Custom Format (Tooltip)
    • Posting News -> Technical -> Header (Verbatim)
    • Posting News -> Composer -> Reply (Verbatim)
  • In Settings -> Accounts -> Mail Server the tab should be called "Mail Server" (without the SMTP). Using sendmail for sending mails is more or less a "Hidden option" which is something that involves trying to find out. It would be nice to have means to choose which mechanism to use like kmail does. Lemma

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