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Application specific tips

any application specific tips for KMail go here.


Please put your IRC nickname and KDE PIM svn revision number in the table if you are testing this app.

IRC Nickname KDE PIM svn revision number tested. Testing details
Grundleborg svn trunk r803492 not tested yet
Earthwings svn trunk r812281 Need to finish the backup first


Please list all bugs found in the application below here. Remember to sign every comment you write on this wiki page with ~~~.

  • Crash when clicking on the "Inbox" folder of my IMAP account just after creating it with the first start wizard. Backtrace at Notice that the server uses Maildir, not mbox. After a restart of kmail it works now. Earthwings
  • The first start wizard seems to have added the SMTP server twice. Earthwings
  • Per default I don't get any new mail notification: kmail.notifyrc has Actions=None for new mail and the systray is not show per default. Earthwings

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