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Valid bugs with step-by-step instructions

If it is a deterministic bug, put it here. Make sure it has instructions. You should be able to verify it. (Write that you did on bugzilla and include your version information.)

  • bug #233335 - Wrong selected files after pasting and renaming destination filename. FiNeX
  • bug #235794 - Detail view mode: sometimes clicking on the column header doesn't trigger the ordering. FiNeX
  • bug #240820 - A better message could be useful. Anyway this is a dup but I cannot find the original report. FiNeX
  • bug #237854 - Places icon isn't refreshed even if the original file has been changed. FiNeX
  • bug #238771 - CD is not ejected if the preview is enabled and the thumbnail are being generated. FiNeX
  • bug #229465 - Deleting files (move to trash) doesn't work correctly on Windows platform. FiNeX
  • bug #244484 - Wrong datestamp and permission on files created remotely (SFTP). FiNeX
  • bug #244619 - After some minutes, swithing tabs in dolphin cause a quick flickering. FiNeX
  • bug #245226 - Free space available not shown on SMB share. Probably this is not a bug but a limitation of the SMB protocol. FiNeX
  • bug #245125 - Opening a directory with 10000 files on a mounted samba share is 10 times slower than opening the same directory using smb:// (kio). FiNeX
  • bug #243993 - Cannot select file with arrow keys if the directory contains only 1 file. FiNeX
  • bug #226442 - I can't reproduce this bug, neither by clicking nor by selecting a file. Lemma

- ppenz reproduced it :-( FiNeX

  • bug #227976 - Can't reproduce this bug. Neither using 4.4.5 nor current trunk. Lemma.
    • Marked as NEW, I'm able to reproduce it. Jtamate
    • Confirmed in KDE 4.5 FiNeX
  • bug #244513 - It works fine on KDE 4.4.5. maybe on KDE 4.5/trunk it doesn't?. FiNeX
    • Bug confirmed in KDE 4.5.0 FiNeX

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