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Bugs that are RESOLVED

If the bug doesn't exist anymore, it goes here. WORKSFORME!

  • bug #213575 Can not reproduce, it works as should following the steps in the bug report. Jtamate
  • bug #221361 - Strange distorted display when clicking file properties. Doesn't really look like a Dolphin bug and I can't reproduce. Lemma
  • bug #226442 - I can't reproduce this bug, neither by clicking nor by selecting a file. Lemma
  • bug #227538 - Cutting files seems slower than neccessary on my KDE SC 4.4.5 installation but runs fine using current trunk. Lemma
  • bug #227976 - Can't reproduce this bug. Neither using 4.4.5 nor current trunk. Lemma
  • bug #228891 - Can't reproduce (tried using Gramps 3.2.3, Dolphin from 4.4.5 and trunk). Lemma
  • bug #243537 - Can't reproduce here, using today's trunk [User:Anselmolsm|anselmolsm]]

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